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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Round 2!

     So much for keeping up with things.  March was a busy month.  So to rehash projects.  I did a mug cozy for Jonas Quinn.  I've been wanting to tackle a cozy and they are really great ways to practice various cables.  I did my first braided cable with this one.
This little baby hangs out at work, reminding my co-workers of what a dork I am.  My second project was a "set" of balls for Jack to juggle with.  In real life two of the three are cat toys.  As in I stuffed them with catnip.

These were made from left overs of the very first Red Heart Super Saver my brother got me when I took up knitting again.  I'm not sure how I learned on this stuff and found a passion for it.  This pattern however is great.  I learned several new skills including provisional cast on.  I did mine with a crochet hook.  I decided to get a little creative and pay homage to one of my most favorite actors for my third project.  John Billingsley played Dr. Phlox on ST: ENT.  He also had a guest role as Simon Coombs in one of the best SG1 episodes ever, "The Other Guys".  So I used Actor Allusion for the trope challenge and made Coombs some "Red Shirt" Jaffa chain mail so he would know exactly where he stands on the expandability scale.
The pattern is Baby Sophisticate.  It would have looked a bit more like Jaffa chain mail if I had left off the collar, but its so stinkin' cute.  I really hate the color red, so this one doesn't appeal to me all that much.  I'm sure however some one will love it (hopefully).  My fourth project was my favorite for this round.  I used the Mochi Plus I've been saving for a while.  I made this for the Differences Matter challenge.  I used Team 1-Up for my inspiration and chose my husbands favorite franchise, Mass Effect.  (Well, I should say his favorite until ME3, the ending completely negated the other two games, we blame EA).  My unifying matter was sand which is solid and can be found on Mars, Earth and Abydos.

The lace motif was actually quite simple.  I think the yarn was a bit too busy for a lace pattern, but its such great yarn for these kinds of things.  I love Mochi.  I have a cowl and a scarf out of it and I can attest, there is nothing better when its going to be warn against the skin.  Now for my last project (yes that's only five so no cube meltage this round) I made a dishcloth "that reminded me of the 70's" for the Klimt challenge. 
A Ball Band in Fiesta and Sunburst, the two most awesome Elmore-Pisgah colors ever!!  Klimt used a lot of bright colors in many of his paintings.  Usually he balanced those brights with some more subdued tones as well.  I skipped right over the subdued tones and went vibrant all the way.  I figure if you have to clean, it might as well be fun and perhaps a little crazy. 
     Round 3 has started and I'm almost done with the first part of my first project.  It's going to be job related and I'll be long winded for that one.
     In personal news, my father celebrated his birthday on Friday March 30th.  I got back home to see him and the rest of my family over the weekend.  The hubs had to work so I ventured alone.  Well not totally alone.  I took my female and eldest Pookie with me.  It was a girls weekend if you will and we had fun.  Pookie is a calico and much happier in a single cat situation.  So I make an attempt to treat her to a single cat situation when I can.  I did some grilling on Saturday, really my first.  It actually turned out really good.  I did hash marks on the steak and everything.  Thank you Food Network!  I had fun but I wish weekends were more than two days.  I had things I wanted to do here too, but I ran out of time.  Now my focus is one R3 and figuring out what to do for the challenges.  I have some knitting I want to do for myself as well.  So far I'm having some trouble jamming it into the challenges.  I guess I need to think outside the box a bit farther.  TTFN

FYI:  The cowl and the baby sweater are for sale.  If interested I can provide more details (as in price)

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