Join me as I share my crafty journey with you. I continue to expand my repertoire of hobbies. I knit, sew, crochet, bead and probably most importantly am a lover of science fiction. Occasionally I even pick up a book. I play Nerd Wars for Team Stargate Command which consumes most of my time.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oops, its November...

My life has been a bit of a zoo.  I've been meaning to post, really I have.  I'm now on evening shift full time.  So I actually have less time to do things.  I miss my weekend boys, but not the strange schedule during the week.  Having a routine is very nice.

I joined Nerd Wars back in October.  I'm playing for Team Enterprise.  That's my big news and why I have had no time at all.  Its been really great and fun.  I haven't completed as many challenges as I had hoped, but I still have obligations outside of this crazy knitting thing.  So back in round one I did:

A potholder for Neelix:

A DNA dishcloth:

aaaannnnddddd:   drum roll please......

My First Ever large garment like project....
A top for Seven of Nine:

I'm still pretty smitten with it.  I made it in two weeks too!  It was great to have some motivation.

Round two started the first of November and thus far I have completed two challenges and am halfway done with a third.

I made a hexagon cloth fit for the Enterprise NCC-1701

I just completed and submitted Nog's calcium oxalate:

This one has a special story behind it, of course.  Being a med tech in real life, I over thought this challenge quite a bit.  Anatomy of a Nerd or whatever.  I had tons of ideas floating around.  I was in urinalysis the night the new challenges were posted.  I then browsed through some patterns and found a blanket square pattern.  It looked so much like cal. ox. I had to run with it.  I started the project without a link back to Star Trek.  So I got out the huge Color Atlas of Urine Sediment and read the 4 or 5 pages on calcium oxalate.  I have to admit this was the first time I ever read about urine crystals with any kind of interest or enthusiasm.  I found the bit about carbonated beverages being a source of oxalate and said out laud ROOT BEER yes.  Nog drinks root beer.  All of my co-workers looked at me goofy at that point.  (They know about the sci-fi thing and NW and just smile and nod when I explain things.)  So I explained the connection and was pretty proud of myself.  Still am if its not obvious.  I think this is how I should learn about everything from now on.  I need to knit it, or an homage to it when I do research.  It actually becomes interesting.

So I'll attempt to keep better written record of all the Nerd Waring from now on.  The other project I've got going is a pair of mittens to go with Hermione's hat back from May.  One is done, I haven't had the motivation to start the left one.  Its my Team Unity Project so its worth more points so for the team at least I should finish.      

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wait, its September... where did the summer go?

     Okay, seriously wasn't it just June?  I don't even remember my birthday... Hope I got yarn.  Anyway, to say it's been a busy summer would be an understatement.  I got an order to produce 60 dishcloths by the second week of December.  I think I'm about halfway now.  That's been eating up my free knitting time.  I've also been working all hours.  But today is my last weekend!  I am transferring to evening shift on Monday.  I am getting really excited now that its actually happening.  I put in my request in either April or May.  I have been around long enough to know that one cant get excited until its written and actually happening.  So what am I doing, well baking my own goodbye treats of course.  Sad yes, what can I say.  I'm the baker.
     So lets re-hash my projects.  I think I left off on my first Vineyard.  Which is ironic because I just finished another one.  So picture time:
Booties to go with the hat for Natalie.

Okay so from the top, and in no particular completion order:  Starfish, Linoleum, Elvish Leaves, Reverse Miter, Round, eLoominators, Clover Tweed, Starfish mod (smaller), Chinese Waves, Double Woven, Waffle Knit, Moss Rib, Diagonal Chinese Waves, First eLomminator, First DW, another DCW, oops same picture of the Clover Tweed, another eLoominator and finally my first pair of mittens Warmest Mittens.

     Wow, that's not even everything.  I have completed a few more dishcloths.  I just finished some Leafy Washcloths for my cousin's wedding gift.  Three cloths and one pot holder.  It will be a pot holder once I'm done.  As I said I just finished another modified Vineyard.  I have to get pics of these yet.  Hope this wasn't picture overload.  Once I finish all  60 I want to get some pics of them in a pile and spread out.  I better get to frosting my brownies before I have to get ready for work. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dishcloths, Hats and Cakes; Oh My!

     To say I've been busy lately would be an understatement.  Still working evenings on top of the two nights I agreed to and my normal weekends.  I've also been getting cake orders again.  I love to bake and everyone at work seems to think my scratch cakes are special somehow.  Baking I guess is genetic memory too.  So awhile back I established that I would bake for a nominal fee.  I did the goodbye cake for a co-worker who is transferring to another site.  I am about to finish an anniversary cake for another co-worker.  Yesterday I frantically made brownies for a birthday.  I like to stay busy but this may be getting ridiculous.  Okay on to knitting.  I finished Vinyard.  It looks horrible but, I finally figured out the pattern (on the last repeat).  I plan to try that one again, hopefully with more success this time.  I also finished the baby hat, that one I am super happy with.  Now I am pounding out dishcloths.  I have a co-worker who orders thirty each year for her husbands co-workers.  This year I plan to get a head start on them.  I also have been tinkering with crocheted tea towel toppers.  The first one I did, I used Red Heart.  I didn't care for the texture, so for the last two I've used regular dishcloth cotton.  I have lots, and a better selection of colors.  I am much happier with the cotton toppers.  I'm going to get some new towels and start offering those too.  Alright picture time:
Evidently I took a bunch of pictures with my phone and subsequently they are not in my computer.  So picture time will be at a later date.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


     Kind of lonely, my cats are visiting their grandparents.  I have nothing fuzzy to cuddle with, the mice don't really count since they don't hold still very well.  Anyway that's neither here nor there.  I was thinking on my drive home from work about the history of knitting in my family.  Both my grandmothers knit and crocheted.  My paternal grandmother still does both which is what got me back into knitting the Christmas before last.  My mom used to knit like crazy for myself and brother.  She evidently did alot of consignment knitting before I remember too for some extra income.  (My parents are dairy farmers.)  I have several aunts who also used to knit and one who still does.  My great-aunts still knit as far as I know, so needless to say it's a pretty rich family history.  I was officially taught to knit when I was 10 or 11.  I distinctly remember knitting a dishcloth, maybe two.  Then a pink scarf to match the pink hat mom had made me.  I still have the scarf and that hat, somewhere, I should probably find that.  The dishcloths I'm sure were used and worn out several years ago.  So, as I said, it was my paternal grandmother who got me back into knitting.  For Christmas two years ago now, she made everyone sewn pillowcases and a dishcloth angel.  The angel was just a regular diagonal square dishcloth that gets tied to look like and angel.  I brought my gift home and sat it under the tree and that dishcloth stared at me for at least a week.  I finally looked at it one day and said to the cats, I can do that.  So on a trip to Walmart I ventured back into the craft section and found the cotton and needles.  I called my mom just to confirm I had the right cotton and US6 would be about right.  I bought one pair of US6 needles and two skeins of cotton, one blue and one variegated, went home tied a slip knot and stared at the needles.....  Mom always did the cast on for me.  So, I waited 'til the next time I went to visit my parents and had mom show me how to cast on.  I made my first cloth that looked like a kite and haven't put down the needles since.  It took me a bit, but I got the dishcloths to come out square, tightened up my gauge and then started branching out.  At some point I found out there are videos on the Internets, which is awesome!  Almost every project I do now is to learn a new skill.  Currently I'm attempting lace and its not going well.  I kind of think its because my family doesn't knit lace.  My grandmother and great-grandmother crochet lace but not knit that I am aware of.  So my genetic memory is at a loss for the lace....  There is my sci-fi bit for this post.  Now that I am knitting myself I have alot greater respect for all the gifts I've been given over the years.  Its alot of work, and I know there is alot of love in there.  I have always cherished the items I have from my great-grandmother, I hold everything so much more dear now.  So that's my reason for knitting, because I can, because its gratifying and because I need to preserve a family legacy.  Also because there are Star Trek patterns....  That's actually the real reason, because I'm a geek and can be uber geeky with my knitting....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chuggin Along

I've put the shrug aside for a bit since its getting to big to knit at work.  In the mean time, since I need to knit to stay sane, I have finished one dishcloth and started another.  The first was Lizard Ridge, a pattern I found on Ravelry of course and the second is Vineyard, also a Ravelry find.  Vineyard is also in French which threw me off at first because those directions are listed first on the pattern.  I am finding that pattern a bit tricky, mostly because I didn't read all the way through the pattern before I started... The pattern itself is a 16 row repeat so that is on my pile and not in my work bag.  So I am also working on a baby hat.  An exorbitant amount of people are preggers at work so I'm trying to get a head start on my signature gift, or at least its going to be my signature gift at this rate.  This has got to be the most projects I've ever had on needles at once and I defiantly find it disconcerting.  Lets count for fun:  1)The Homespun shrug I plan to frog, 2)The hubbies scarf he wont wear anyway so why bother, 3) The Knitch shrug I am undecided on, I like the pattern not the yarn, 4)Noro Striped Scarf, yarn is on back order, so not my fault, 5)Vineyard Dishcloth, 6)Baby Hat.  My goodness and that's not counting the half done ball-band dishcloth that's on a holder because I ran out of cotton.  I still have no more yellow cotton to finish that one with.  The short version of that story is that its Wal-Marts fault.  Then there are the baby thumless mittens that are only a few rows complete.  I thought maybe I should do those in the round instead of seam, I guess I'm still thinking.  Wow, I hate hate not completing projects.... hmmm.  Guess I have some unfinished business de-stashing to do. 
That's the Lizard Ridge dishcloth, with Peaches and Cream in Winterberry. 
"My Favorite"
 (A sci-fi reference for y'all)

That's a close up of the shrug, see why Dune is so appealing?  I think I'm going to block this one, see if it makes a difference.

Last but not least the Noro scarf.  I fall in love with it more every time I see it.  The wide array of colors are what get me.  Basically there is a different color for every one of my moods.  (Depending on who you ask that means a different shade of miserable for every moment.)  I like it and want to finish it badly.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Internets Win Again

     So problem solved!  I want to thank TECHknitting for the answer to the separating stands issue.  I did a random Google search with the hope that someone else has had the same problem I had and had the solution for it.  To say I found a gold mine in the TECHknitting blog is an understatement.  For any knitters new and old I highly recommend this blog.  There are excellent written instructions and wonderful illustrations that actually help.  I could write and entire post praising this blog...  It's going to be my go to for any issues I have in the future  Thank you TK!!!


Check it out its beyond awesome.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So, its been a bit and I've been productive

Work has been a bit nutty lately.  I've pretty much lived there for the last three weeks.  I finally have tonight off thanks to a scheduling error.  So in more entertaining news; I have finished the Cable and Eyelet hat!  It also fits my tiny head, which is great news for me.
I am quite pleased with the outcome.  I used only the one skein, so I have another one to do something else with or another one of these, whichever.  As I have stated earlier I found the Baby Llama to be on the light side for a worsted and I hold to that.  I wont be using this yarn for typical worsted projects again.  I'll probably substitute it for a sport(DK, whatever)  I still do like its softness though and the llama smell comes through just enough to be fun. 
I started another project of course.  Dream Shrug is the pattern name.  I am using Trendsetter Dune.  So far, I have very mixed feelings about this yarn.  It is double stranded but not plied.  Its mohair and then wool/polymide.  The mohair must be stretchier or something because it is separating from the other strand and making me nutty.  The knitted work is gorgeous but the ever lengthening divide is really getting on my nerves.  Plus the yarn was not anywhere near cheap so I defiantly don't want to waste a shred of it!  Suggestions or advise would greatly be appreciated.
Happy knitting everybody.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

There, I couldnt get this to work earlier.  So this is the Elsebeth Lavold Baby Llama I was ranting about earlier, still loving it.  The hat is going slowly since I'm only getting to it on my breaks at work.  Its that whole sleeping when I'm not working thing.  Anyway, I wish computers had a feelovision setting, this yarn is beyond soft.

Should be sleeping....

Several people just left the company, either for medical reasons or personal reasons, anyway, with three people down on top of the shortages that already existed we're missing like five or six people right now.  I've been covering vacations on night shift and now, I'm helping to cover evening shift as well, so the whole point is that I'm not getting a day off until next Monday, so May basically...  I'm not really complaining I want the money, Its just that its a combination of all three shifts, so when I'm not at work I'm going to be sleeping.  Which means not alot of time for knitting or my shows.... oh well, at least when this is done, I'll have a little extra cash to blow on some really nice yarn!  I'm thinking some Madelinetosh.  Or maybe I'll go out to Jamesville and check out the Yarn Cupboard, they have Spud and Chloe. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here goes nothin...

So, I did it.  I got myself a blog, because I think someone out there might care about my crazy life.....  Anyway, I'm going to dive right in.  I'm working on a fun project right now.  Its one of the Hermione hats, Cable and Eyelet Hat by Jackie Lauseng.  I'm using Elsebeth Lavold Baby LLama and so far I am loving this yarn.  I do find it thin for a worsted, probably because its 2 ply, but the softness is worth it all the way.