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Saturday, April 21, 2012

One Week to Go

     We're in the last week of T4.  I am soooo far behind.  I still have not posted anything.  I have one challenge mostly done.  I need to weave in some ends, my least favorite task.  Its related to work and National Laboratory Professionals Week is next week, so I'm planning on posting it then.  Next week is also knit/crochet blog week apparently.  One of my team members mentioned it.  So one, I joined another group on Ravelry and two, I'll be blogging alot more next week, hopefully.  So other than my measly one challenge, what have I been doing with my time.  Working!  The summer craziness has already begun.  Between surgeries and vacations, someone is gone for the next few months, which means mandatory overtime.  I cant complain too much, since more $ = less bills and hopefully some will be left over for me to buy yarn with.

     Okay so I haven't been just working.  I finally started Bella's Mittens by Marielle Henault.  Ya know those iconic long ones with the cable down the back of the hand, Twilight.  I know the craze has gone past by now, but they are a really great knit Twilight notwithstanding.  I am determined to actually finish a pair of something within a months time.  Its hard.  I'm on the second one now.  Each time I pick it up I say to myself "I've done this!"...  Which segues nicely into my team tie in for these suckers (no pun intended, har har)  Our TUP this round is "Window of Opportunity", only the best Stargate episode ever.  Everyone (several planets actually) get stuck in a time loop, when an Ancient device on another planet is activated.  Jack and Teal'c are the only ones who know its a loop.  Everyone else forgets what happened previously when a new loop begins.  So, in one of the first loops, in the briefing room when Carter starts in on her spiel about a coronal mass ejection on P3X bla bla bla Jack exclaims, "We've done this!" and tosses down the report file.  There is some great Daniel snarky rebuttal "We do this every day", so on and so forth.  I wont spoil the rest.  Seriously great episode.  But the point for me is this is what I'm feeling right now with these mittens.  Don't get me wrong, I'm loving them.  The yarn is this really great blue, its chunky so the knitting is rather quick.  The fabric is dense and warm, the cable is truly the selling point.  I just finished one and now I'm doing it all over again.  Hopefully since the thumbs are gusseted once I get to that part it wont be so bad since that will be slightly different from the left mitten.  I did get some pictures with me cell phone and I haven't figured our how to get the pictures off of this one yet.  I haven't gotten pictures of my other project yet either...  

     I was just about to confess that I don't have pictures for you, but how could I not, that would be horrible.  I got more yarn since my last post.  So:
      The two on top are Ella Rae Classic, just plain wool, I'm going to felt it!  The five hanks of greenish yarn are Berroco Pure Pima, for Amiga.  That is not actually the true color.  Its closer to a teal and its shiny.  The two blue skeins are becoming Bella's Mittens.  They are Cascade Pacific Chunky, which I thought was appropriate.  So that's it for now.  I will be posting the guts of the Noob challenge here because it will be very in depth.  I'm going to teach you about Direct Coombs Antibody Testing!  Exciting!  Happy crafting.

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