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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Knit Crochet Blog Week Day Four

Crafting for the Seasons

     I don't know if I've been knitting long enough to track my trends.  So far I seem to start winter projects in the winter, but not actually finish them til spring.  I do make dishcloths year round and the majority of them right before Christmas, as that's when the demand is.  This year, I have planned some projects actually taking the season into account.  I have the yarn to make Amiga.  (See link at bottom of page)  Amiga is a warm weather sweater. 

     I've picked up Berroco Pure Pima which is a DK weight pima cotton.  The pattern calls for US 8s, so the fabric will be light and airy.  I'm especially looking forward to this project, for a couple reasons.  One, I want something light I can keep with me at work.  The lab tends to be warm in the summer, especially around the larger analyzers (the Vistas).  So I usually wear light T-shirts.  Once I go on break though I get chilly, so I want to have a light weight something to wrap up in.  I would do a shawl, but break time is eating time and I'm afraid I'd run it through my food all the time.  Lets face it, my dinner ends up in my lap more than in my mouth so something fitted is kind of a must.  With all that being said, I still do alot of cold weather knitting all summer.  I live in central New York, so summer is a relative term.  Its really just different levels of winter.  This year has been beyond strange.  We really didn't have winter so when "spring" arrived in February I actually got really depressed.  I love snow for two reasons.  I knit and we snowmobile.  This spring has been goofy too.  The weather has been going from 80-90s one week to mid 30s-40s the next.  No exaggeration.  It hit 90 last week.  When I came home this evening it was 37.  I actually regretted not having my cowl in my work bag.  I guess the short answer is I knit what I want when I want without regard to the current weather situation.  At this point I have room to store my items so its not a big deal for me to make a wool scarf in August and stash it somewhere for November (around here its been known to snow in October)
Happy crafting!


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