Join me as I share my crafty journey with you. I continue to expand my repertoire of hobbies. I knit, sew, crochet, bead and probably most importantly am a lover of science fiction. Occasionally I even pick up a book. I play Nerd Wars for Team Stargate Command which consumes most of my time.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

You May Now Call Me the Melter of Cubes!

     I never said I was normal.  So I melted the cube this round, oh yea.  Its my first time so I'm pretty excited.  "Melting the cube" is when someone completes all six challenges in a round.  I credit my cube meltage to the week of "vacation" I had.  So my last challenge submission was for Giving Geeks.  I donated 7 hats to St. Josephs Hospital Health Center.  They were all baby hats, so they'll be given to newborns. 

The two pink/yellow ones, the turquois and red and white striped one were what I had lying around.  The true blue, brown and purple/pink ones, I knit over the weekend.

The brown one is Baby Bear Newborn Hat, and I love it.  I nearly kept it for myself.  I dont have enough of that color to make another.  I do have more yarn, in a lighter brown.  The purplish one is just a basic hat.  I've done several if these now.  I used that hat in particular for my team tie in.  I had Daniel take it over to the Wells' with the teddy bear for baby Janet.  The true blue one is Aston.  I do like that one, but I didnt execute the pattern properly.  It turned out a bit small, but I think it will fit someone. 

Here's some better pics.  Also meet Jordan, the best son I'll ever have.

     Now, I'm really looking forward to March.  I have already found a pattern I might use for next round.  Although I may keep that one on the back burner for later, it calls for US1 needles.  Thoes are TINY.  Maybe that can be my dissertation next tourney.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two more challenges done

     I've finished and posted two more challenges.  For Nerd Culture, the Wormhole Hat.
I used the Hurricane Hat pattern and Spud and Chloe sweater.  I enjoyed knitting with it.  Its a cotton/wool super wash blend.  Now that its finished its starting to shed.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Perhaps I'll check out these super wash qualities and see if it holds up to $14.00 a skein.  I love the drape of the finished fabric.  Its very sweater like.  Its great yarn, but... we'll see. 

     For the Technical challenge, Schrodinger's paw:
This one I've done before.  It will be a set, now that I have two.  I want to use this pattern to make a double knit potholder too.  I haven't exactly figured out the logistics of that yet.  I think if I do the pattern on just one side and follow the established stitches on the other side it should work.

     As promised Liberty Wool:
  Very pink!  With some purple and I think green.  I cant wait to try this.  I probably wont be saying that once I start but, oh well.  Learning new techniques is supposed to be challenging and hopefully rewarding enough to do it again.  At least the yarn is awesome.  I can always re-purpose it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nerd Wars and Vacation

     Tournament 4 has begun.  I just posted my second project and am nearly finished with a third.  I really want to try for all six.  So for the Scientific challenge, I made Jared Flood's Turn a Square.  It is a tad long for me, but I've been wanting a beanie that would cover my ears better.  I also have enough yarn left over for a second one.  Its a really great pattern, I will be doing more.

     The project I just posted was for the Intellectual challenge.  I made a set of dishcloths suitable to aid in Jack and Maybourne's survival on the Utopian moon.  Paradise Lost in season 6 is one of my more favorite episodes.  Once I found the survival mnemonic S-T-O-P, I had the challenge in the bag. 

     I actually knit these in the dark, and from memory.  I've knit so many of them at this point its muscle memory.  I'll get back to why I was knitting in the dark.

     I've made good progress on those cursed mittens, or I would have if I haddnt run out of yarn.  I just got more yarn to finish the tumb, but havent gotten around to actually finishing them.  Nerd Wars is keeping my busy.  (There is a reason I call them cursed)

     So, we were supposed to be on vacation this past week.  Alas, this has been the winter from hell.  That is, there has been essentially NO SNOW.  Most people would be happy about this.  We, the owners of a $14,000 snowmobile with 200ish acres of open land and avid outdoorsmen, who take off a week every February, however, are not.  We havent even touched the thing this year, not even kidding.  I think the hubbs started it and let it run for three minutes in the process of realizing that the dusting of snow that wasnt even covering the grass wasnt going to cut it.  Its been frustrating to say the least.  Also, back with the first snow fall, in December, we put snow tires on the Bonneville.  We wouldnt have needed to.  There was only one storm since that one, that I would have had a problem with.  Soooo, we spent the weekend at our snowmobiling spot, cheered as the Giants won the superbowl and then promptly came back to the city on Monday.  Our staycation was actually kind of nice.  We went shopping on Tuesday.  He to Gamestop and myself to Sheep Thrills! Yarn Company.  I got the Elsebeth Lavold Baby Llama to finish that mitten and two skeins of Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool.  The Liberty Wool will be used for my first pair of SOCKS!  I'm hoping I can fit them into a NW challenge so I can get points too.  I'm just really excited to do socks.  I need the US5's that are currently in that mitten, so that'll be first on the list of things to do.  I need to take pics yet of the Liberty Wool, for my stash.  Its a rather obnoxicious shade of pink in my opinion.  They're to be boot socks and plain, as in no patterning, so obnoxicious fits the bill in this case. 
     As for knitting in the dark.  The hubbs likes it completly dark when he's using the TV in anyway.  Especially when he's gaming.  The first few days I wanted to spend time with him in the living room.  Mostly I just hate knitting in the bedroom since its not as comfortable.  I gave up on Wednesday, mostly out of guilt since I haddnt gotten much knitting done.  I can only really do garter stitch in the dark.  Two dishcloths were my limit.  Alright I've bored ya'll enough for this blog.  Tootles.