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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Knit Crochet Blog Week Day Three

My Knitting Hero(s)

     First and foremost is Jared Flood.  His designs are magnificent and the pattern write ups are excellent.  I learned how to do jogless stripes thanks to Turn a Square.  He only has a few patterns that are free, so I've only made two Jared Flood items so far.  However, since the other designs are so great I'm more than willing to pay for them.

Here's my Turn a Square.  Its a really great way to utilize a self striping yarn such as Noro.  I only used about half a skein each of the Noro Silk Garden and the Berroco Vintage.  I'm saving the left overs for another one. 
Here's my Noro Striped Scarf.  Again, alternating the stripes is a terrific way to show off self striping yarns.  Both of these items are mine.  I love me some Noro, and its pricey.  Most people I know aren't willing to spend forty dollars in yarn alone and then pay for someone to make it too.

     These two patterns are the tip of the iceberg for Brooklyn Tweed designs.  I have several more patterns in my Ravelry queue.  I really would like to tackle Koolhas sometime soon. 

     Another person I tend to stalk admire is Meg, the brains behind Twisted Fibre Arts.  (TwistedMeg on Rav)  I haven't had the chance to knit with anything yet (32 bucks a skein...) but the colors are A M A Z I N G.  One of the base yarns is called Catnip.  Catnip!  You know the saying you had me at hello, well Meg had me at Catnip.  I'm absolutely dying to try some Twisted.  (Hint hint my birthday is in August)

     Of course when I start talking about knitting hero's, I have to go back to the reasons I started knitting in the first place.  Obviously my Mom.  She taught me way back when I was 10 or 12ish.  I knit a couple dishcloths and a scarf and that was it for me.  Guess the scarf did me in.  (It still exists, I need to find this thing for posterity)  I dabbled poorly with crochet after that.  It was about two years ago that I started knitting as an adult.  My paternal grandmother still knits and crochets, shes into her 80s now.  She made dishcloths for all us girls for Christmas.  I sat mine under the tree and saw it everyday for a month or so.  Finally one day I said to myself.  "I can do that" and proceeded to go to the craft department at Walmart and pick up some yarn and needles.  I had to call my mother, of course at Walmart, to make sure I was getting the right stuff.  I remembered it had to be "special" cotton.  I even remember the two colors I got.  Peaches and Cream Light Blue and Potpourri.  This was back when it was still Elmore Pisgah P&C.  (I say back when, like its been years since Spinright bought them out...)  I've had a long family history of knitters and crocheters.  Both grandmothers, my maternal grandmother stopped though quite a few years ago.  My great-grandmothers.  Lena, my paternal grandmothers mother, made me lots of wonderful things.  She lived into her ninety's and crafted right up to the end.  I had the privilege of knowing her well.  I will always treasure the items she made me.  Unfortunately I don't know more of my extended family.  I have copious amounts of great aunts and uncles.  I know I must have more relatives who craft.  I do have an aunt, my moms sister in law, who knits so the two of us craft at family gatherings.  I'm hoping to inspire some other aunts and cousins this way.  

     Ravelry in general also inspires me.  The support and camaraderie is amazing.  I'm so glad I found it.  I probably would have abandoned knitting my now without it.  With Ravelry comes everything else.  The groups, the forums and of course I have to mention Nerd Wars.  I've never been much for sports or competitions before.  I'm a klutz and a geek, so I don't usually fit in very well.  (Not like knitting is helping with that either, but whatever)  Nerd Wars is competitive without being competitive.  Its fun and engaging and, yes, I let it stress me out, but not in a bad way.  When I say, on I have to get this, this and that done.  Its more of, I should/I want to get all these things done.  I know, though, that in the end, its no big deal.  Its just for fun, and bragging rights.  So speaking of Nerd Wars there are some cuffs I have to get done.

Below are the links to the patterns mentioned and a link to Twisted Fibre Arts.  Even if you dont knit.  Check out Twisted, just for the colors!  Happy Crafting!


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