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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wait, its September... where did the summer go?

     Okay, seriously wasn't it just June?  I don't even remember my birthday... Hope I got yarn.  Anyway, to say it's been a busy summer would be an understatement.  I got an order to produce 60 dishcloths by the second week of December.  I think I'm about halfway now.  That's been eating up my free knitting time.  I've also been working all hours.  But today is my last weekend!  I am transferring to evening shift on Monday.  I am getting really excited now that its actually happening.  I put in my request in either April or May.  I have been around long enough to know that one cant get excited until its written and actually happening.  So what am I doing, well baking my own goodbye treats of course.  Sad yes, what can I say.  I'm the baker.
     So lets re-hash my projects.  I think I left off on my first Vineyard.  Which is ironic because I just finished another one.  So picture time:
Booties to go with the hat for Natalie.

Okay so from the top, and in no particular completion order:  Starfish, Linoleum, Elvish Leaves, Reverse Miter, Round, eLoominators, Clover Tweed, Starfish mod (smaller), Chinese Waves, Double Woven, Waffle Knit, Moss Rib, Diagonal Chinese Waves, First eLomminator, First DW, another DCW, oops same picture of the Clover Tweed, another eLoominator and finally my first pair of mittens Warmest Mittens.

     Wow, that's not even everything.  I have completed a few more dishcloths.  I just finished some Leafy Washcloths for my cousin's wedding gift.  Three cloths and one pot holder.  It will be a pot holder once I'm done.  As I said I just finished another modified Vineyard.  I have to get pics of these yet.  Hope this wasn't picture overload.  Once I finish all  60 I want to get some pics of them in a pile and spread out.  I better get to frosting my brownies before I have to get ready for work.