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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knit Crochet Blog Week Day 7

Crafting Balance
     I'm a knitter.  Its what I was taught and what I enjoy.  I prefer the look of knitting and I find it easier.  I do, however, know the basics of crochet.  I just shared a project yesterday that had a crochet lace portion to it.  I have to admit, I really enjoyed that.  For now, since I'm new to fibre crafting I think I'll stick to knitting primarily.  I love that I can crochet, there are certain things where it really is superior.  Tea towel toppers are much easier to crochet.  Edgings work better in crochet.  I have a really great pot holder pattern that is single crochet.(I'll link it)  It gets crocheted "in the round" so the pot holder winds up double thick with a nifty diagonal pattern.  I think both crafts have their uses and I don't understand the crochet haters.  As I said, I prefer the look of knitting for garments and such, but crocheted lace is beautiful.  Eventually I hope to tackle some more crochet projects.  I found I like the look of mixing knitting and crochet.  Its probably because the Elf Cobblers are fresh in my mind, but I'm really pleased with the way they came out.  That's all really. 
     I want to clean up my WIPs in the month between T4 and T5.  I wish I could have finished Dream Shrug since I started it in May of last year.  I hate to have projects sit for an entire year.  I may finish it, just so it stops taunting me.  I hope to do a dissertation next tourney so I need to start searching for a suitable 3 month project for me.  Right now I'm leaning toward socks.  I've never done them so I figure it'll take a bit to get over the learning curve.  I also am really bad at making the second part of a pair, so it could very well take me 3 months to finish two socks.  I also don't want to go too big first time out, since I want to finish the vast majority of the challenges each round.  I'd like to beat my record from this tourney.  I have a pile of dishcloths that need to be seamed and have ends woven in.  There is also of course that poor poor mitten that needs a few rows on the thumb.  I'll have to take pictures of the WIP pile and update when I get everything finished.
That's it for Knit Crochet Blog Week, its been fun!  Happy crafting!


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  1. You know, when I was in college, I read somewhere that you could make lace with crochet, which inspired me to pick it back up. Before that, I thought people only made afghans with it! Crochet lace (in the round) is still my favorite style, even after about 20 years.