Join me as I share my crafty journey with you. I continue to expand my repertoire of hobbies. I knit, sew, crochet, bead and probably most importantly am a lover of science fiction. Occasionally I even pick up a book. I play Nerd Wars for Team Stargate Command which consumes most of my time.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Year in Review

     With only two days left before 2013 I thought it would be a good idea to look back at 2012.  I made a list of goals back in April so lets see what I accomplished:

-Double Knitting
-Socks! (There is a deadline on this one 12/21/12, its a long story and it involves the Zombie Apocalypse)
-Color work, stranded knitting and I think its called Swiss Darning, where you follow over existing stitches with a different color.
-Real lace knitting, shawls or wraps with small needles (I have a small needle phobia)
-Knitted Ami, not sure if my little Red Blood Cell counts.
-Sweaters, I tend to do smaller projects so I want to do some more time consuming ones.
-Crochet, I was intending to keep focusing on knitting but I found out I do enjoy crochet.
-Finishing, its what makes an item look handmade not homemade, as they say.
-Traveling cables, the Celtic ones

Socks check:  August 2012
Felting check and check:  July 2012 

Knitted Ami check and check:  December 2012 (The RBC does count)
Sweater check:  December 2012
Traveling Cables check: July 2012 
More Crochet check and check:  September and October 2012

     So I need to think about my goals for next year.  Lace is at the top of my list, I already have yarn and a pattern at the ready.  All in all 2012 was a good knitting year!  Happy Crafting!  Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

T6: El Fin

     The world didn't end!  Christmas is over!  (In theory Christmas music should also be done, but alas, St. Joes didn't get the memo.)  Hubbs and I celebrated Christmas early.  We don't do much to begin with and we normally wait 'til January since we can actually get home to Lo'ville and have some money.  We exchanged gifts a couple days before Christmas and I went yarn shopping on Sunday.  I gave him two Xbox games and volume 7 of Futurama.  I got two History Channel sets and diamond earrings.  (Really nice ones too!)  My favorite yarn shop, Sheep Thrills! Yarn Company, was having an open house on Sunday 12.23.12.  There were cookies, eggnog and a chance to win a $50 gift certificate.  I got called into work that day, but told them I had to go to the yarn shop first.  (Ya know priorities.)  I really did need to go though since I needed 32" US8s for Abalone.  While I was there I splurged and got myself some yummy yarns.
Cascade Heritage Silk, which I already have earmarked for Cassis Shawlette.  I really enjoyed the scarf I finished and need to show you, so I got yarn to make one for me.
Malabrigo is becoming an addiction for me I think...  I had good light and the cats were helping me.  I think this pic turned out cute, Pookey has good taste. 

     So, on to the scarf I finished which means on to Nerd Wars!  I figured out how to stuff this one into a challenge.  I used it as the Team Unity Project.  This round we did a crossover with Team Mythology.  So we had to draw from actual mythology. 

The Asgard god Freya had a Falcon Cloak that allowed her to fly.  I figured a personal flying cloak would come in handy on the planets where the Stargate is miles away from anything.  The Asgard are an alien race in Stargate, a nekid alien race.  If life support ever failed on one of their ships a scarf may come in handy.  I used the pattern 2 Row Reversible Scarf, which I plan to use again with the Malabrigo.  The only down side of the pattern is that it shows mistakes really well.  I made a couple with this scarf, I hope they only bothered me. 

     I finished my dissertation!!!  I cant decide if I love it or hate it.  I picked up too many stitches for the body band so it ruffles around the hips.  I'm sure I'm just being overcritical of my own work.  Everything else is great.  It fits me, the knitting is great, the colors are great.  I think it'll grow on me.

  I was able to find another person out there who also likes the band Five Finger Death Punch, so I got to use them for the Intellectual challenge:  With a little help from my friends.  I used the line from Stranger Than Fiction
Of all the things you took away/
I miss my mind the most.
This of course made me thing of the Goa'uld, the parasitic alien race in Stagate who enslave the Jaffa and use humans as hosts.  They are very nasty bad guys.  I made a larval form Goa'uld much like the one Teal'c carries.  Jack always refers to him as Junior. 
My Junior is a little disproportionate.  His mouth/jaw flanges are a but long compared to his head.  If I were to do this again, I'd make the largest part of the head longer before breaking off for the mouth sections.  I'm quite happy with it though considering I winged it completely.
     My last project for T6 was for the Technical challenge:  A blank canvas.  We needed to embellish a project for that challenge.  I made a mini Christmas stocking and embellished it with a button.  I was going to incorporate beads, but 6s and worsted don't work well together.  I did however find out that two of the three tiny crochet hooks Mom gave me do work with those beads.  I used the left over yarn from my first pair of socks.  Now, every year when I get out my Christmas ornaments I'll have a tribute to learning to how to knit socks.  The ornament will probably outlast the socks too.  
This was a great little pattern.  It has directions for worsted and fingering.  The only qualm was it didn't tell you when to change yarns to get a contrasting cuff, toe and heel.  (It is however easy to figure out where to do it if you've done socks.)  I didn't pay close enough attention and realised I should have changed colors for the heel after I turned it...oops.  It still looks good.  The pattern is:  Mini Stocking Ornament.  I have some more scraps of left over worsted weight yarn, I should make a few more of these. 
     We finally got some snow here in CNY so snowmobiling is in our immediate future.  Huzzah!  I'll leave you with one final image more to come in the month off from Nerd Wars.  This is Teal'c with Junior.  Happy Crafting!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Round Three... no mercy, its the way of the fist...

     Maybe at some point I should mention that if anyone can name the song and or band that I throw into my tittles I'll give you brownie points.  (Note that brownie points in my household actually turn into brownies.)

     So anyway, round three started back on the first of December.  I've already made two challenge submissions.  Hooray for me, motivation!  I finished the Twisted Wristers, which were the KAL for the Fingerless Glove Fanatics Group in November and what I sent to my Swappee Hale.  I used these for the WIP challenge.  I also busted out a dishcloth as a stash buster for the other project in order to get max points.  Here are the mitts completed and blocked.  The mock cable was very crinkly so I wet blocked them to make everything even out and lie flat.  I'll show you before and after pictures so you can see the difference.
So that's the right mitt completed minus the thumb.

Here they are blocked and dry.  They look uneven, but I think its the angle at which I took the picture.  They were the same size.  I still have a whole skein left of the yarn I used, which was Alpaca With a Twist; Baby Alpaca.  So, at some point I will be making another pair.  There are yarn overs in these just above where the "cable" curls, I was thinking of putting beads in those YO's.  

     The second challenge I submitted to was the "I will survive" challenge.  I made some warm weather gear to survive the (hopefully) coming winter weather.  I repeated a pattern I had done ages ago upon the request of a co-worker.  She liked the other purple scarf I made but wanted one in a neutral cream color.  The pattern is on the ball band of the yarn and since I made the first scarf it has been uploaded to Ravelry.  It is Raindrop Eyelets Scarf.  There is an error on the ball band, so if you knit this up go from the correct Ravelry pattern.  The yarn is Loops and Threads Dewdrops.  Its a super bulky and has sequins incorporated right into the yarn.  It's quite nice to knit with despite being a "big box store" yarn.  
Finished and all rolled up.  It was just shy of six feet.

The sequins don't shop up very well on camera but here's a close up so you can see the eyelets.  They are made by creating a stitch, knitting it for 6 rows and then dropping it.  Dropping stitches is fun when its on purpose.
     I'm working on another scarf now.  (I had another request.)  This one is a chunky weight brioche stitch scarf.  I'm using Berroco Vintage Chunky, which I feel is light for a chunky.  I do really like the way the scarf is turning out so far, its very squishy, which is perfect for a scarf.  Sadly I don't have progress pictures yet. 
     That's it as far as crafting is concerned.  I have two cakes to bake in the next few days.  The Nafziger Christmas is this Saturday, so if I have my wits about me I'll take pictures.  I'll have my knitting with me and usually so does my aunt and one of my cousins.  Until later, Happy Crafting!


Friday, November 30, 2012

Review of Round 2 and Update on Abalone... (I need better titles)

     Round two finished last night.  I completed three challenges and started a project for a fourth, but I didn't have enough done for partial credit.  I restarted the Baby Bella's Mittens with Lion Brand Amazing and US6 needles.  This combo proved to be much better. 
I've decided to make a hat from this yarn as well, to match these mittens.  I placed these in the "You Made That With What?" challenge.  I used a coffee stir as a cable needle for the these.  It worked pretty well, but I still prefer real cable needles.  

     I've mentioned the dishcloth I was working on in my last post.  I used the Lacy Star Dishcloth pattern.  I made two from this pattern, the first with a seam and the second with a provisional cast on and garter Kitchener to close.  Both versions are detailed in the pattern.  The Kitchener way makes the seam truly invisible.  I think this may be my favorite pattern ever.  
This is the one with the sewn seam, which us quite noticeable in this picture.

This is the one with the kitchenered seam.  Can you find it?  These wind up nice and small, which I like personally.  I put these into the Pirates vs. Ninja challenge.  My vote was for Pirates, arrrgh.
     The final challenge I submitted was a pattern I've been wanting to do for some time now Lotus Hat.  I used the Vickie Howell Sheep(ish).  The finished project did wind up too fuzzy for my taste, but it did turn out pretty well.  Turns out this yarn needs to be knit at a relatively loose gauge.  I used US7, I probably could have used US8 since the YO didn't really show.  I still have one whole skein and a little left from the first skein so I'll probably be making another.
I love the texture from the lace pattern.  I should have blocked this but since it got cold here I decided to take all my sale items to work.  This one got scooped up in the first day.  I put this hat into the MacGuffin challenge.  I picked out the pattern to support my premise.  I wanted something that resembled the Kino from SGU.  A Kino is a mechanical devise the crew is able to use instead of a MALP since it can take not only video but measure atmospheric levels.  They also used the Kinos to document the expedition. 
Here is a dusty one.  There is more texture on the surface.  I felt the Lotus pattern gave the look of texture and the color really matched well.  I'm quite proud of this one conceptually at least.  As much as I hate the yarn, the hat did turn out very nice.  I may do the pattern a third time with Q approved yarn just to sooth my ego.  This hat was also my Team Unity Project for this round.  We decided to make a project inspired by one of the alternate timeline/reality episodes.  I used the SGU episode Time.  So far that's still my favorite episode, although I still haven't finished watching all of SGU.  So in Time, when the Destiny stops at a planet a small team goes through the gate.  They find a Kino, right there, next to the gate and go right back to the Destiny.  This Kino is full of footage, so they all gather in Eli's "Kino room" and watch the footage.  It is of a larger "away team" who spends several days on the planet.  I don't want to spoil the episode too much for people who have not seen it, but ultimately they discover the wormhole connecting the planet to the Destiny is traveling through a solar flare which is what caused the Kino to be thrust back in time.  The footage on the Kino is integral to the survival of about half the crew so the Kino/footage is the MacGuffin of that episode. 
     I also did a dissertation check in.  I'm pretty sure I'm halfway through Abalone.  I used up two of my four skeins so I better be half way. 

I need to finish the back portion, the part on the needles now.  Then I need to knit the two sides/fronts that can be seen on the stitch holders up to the same point as the back/back neck.  Then I graft the sides to the back to make the shoulders.  Then I'll be in the home stretch.  I get to pick up stitches til my fingers bleed.  I'll pick up for the sleeves then all around for the band.  Others who've made this project have picked up into the 200's for the band.  It should be interesting and I really should get crakin' on this one.  I want to wear it already.  I do also really really like how this yarn is knitting up.  The colors are staying nice and even.  That's it for now.  Off to work.  Happy Crafting!

Oh, I nearly forgot.  I have a progress picture of the Twisted Wristers.  This was supposed to me my fourth project but I put it aside in order to get the Lotus Hat done.  Today is the last day of November so I don't think I'll complete them in November :(  I will get these done pronto though since they are intended for my swapee.
I've also discovered that one pair may take only one skein of the Alpaca With a Twist and I did get two skeins sooooo, I may be making a pair for myself too!  Alright, that's it for now.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

     Today is Thanksgiving.  As a family we celebrated last weekend since I'm at work today and both myself and the hubs are working this coming weekend.  Hubs did cook me something before I ran off to work for my 13 hour shift.  He made ham and green beans with bacon.  Not very thanksgivingee but we had turkey already, so it was nice.
     Onto more yarny news.  I've now got pictures of the yarn I purchased recently and some project photos.  I got a gift card from a friend for my birthday, I finally got around to getting some yarn.  It was a gift card to Michaels, I don't shop there much anymore.  Here is what I got:
I got two skeins of Vickie Howell Sheep(ish), its mostly acrylic but it has some wool.  Its very soft in the skein.  It is a single and it turns out I abhor this yarn, more on that in a little bit. 

This is just plain old cotton, but I love this colorway Moondance.  I'm working on a dishcloth from it now.  Its this pattern:  Lacy Star.  So far I'm finding to be a very unique circular pattern.  It has short rows but they are done different from any other round cloth I've ever done.  I picked up another ball of cotton in a color I needed more of.  I've been asked to make an SU dishcloth so I picked up another dark blue skein of cotton. 

I also picked up some real sock yarn.  Ever since I made my worsted weight socks I've been wanting to do actual sock weight socks.  I figured I should still be conservative until I know I like them, so I got this.  Its a pretty inexpensive way to try out real socks.  I'm thinking of doing ankle socks since that's the type I prefer for store bought ones.  I'll also be able to do more than one pair I think, anyway.
I picked this up special for a project I'm working on now.  I'm doing the Nerd Wars swap and its a super secret swap so my swappee has no idea I have her/him.  I still don't want to talk too much about it til I send out my package.  I will link the pattern though and say that so far I'm really enjoying both the alpaca and the pattern.  Twisted Wristers was the choice for the November KAL in a group I just joined on Ravelry late last month.  The Fingerless Glove Fanatics do a continual KAL/CAL all through the year.  I got myself hooked on fingerless mitts a bit ago.  They're quick, fun, great for Nerd Wars and a hot sale item.  So more on those later too.
I've also been asked to make another two pairs of Elf Clobbers so I had to get some more mohair.  I do still have a little Soft Comfort Mohair left, but there is no way its enough for even one more pair.  The Violet is for the cuffs but I couldn't resist the Spanish Blue, its so pretty.  I was going to try a blue on blue with that mohair but I think it may prove difficult to match to another blue.  We'll see, I have a pattern or two in mind.  So that's it for recent yarn purchases.
     I finished the Sunburst Dishcloth and finally got around to seaming it.  It didn't turn out as big as I thought it would and I really like the different oranges.

Pookey was helping me with pictures that day.  I finally got around to getting pictures of the Card-igans.  They're still not finished.  They need loops and buttons yet and I still need to do one seam on one of them. 
The brown and blue one on the left has a SC seam along the sides.  The solid blue one on the right is a sewn seam and I like the look of that better.  The blue one actually has a gift card in it too, which helps the shape.  I need to make some more of these, they're pretty fun to do. 
     So I stated earlier that I found out I don't like Sheep(ish).  I used it for this pattern:  Baby Bella Mittens.  It started out good, the yarn was a little splitty but it is a single and I was using US5s.  Once I was done with the mitten I noticed how fuzzy and sheddy the finished fabric had become.  The picture doesn't show the full extent, its worse in real life.
I also messed up the first cable.  So I probably wont be making a second one with this yarn.  This is my first UGH! project.  I've already started the pattern over again with my left over Lion Brand Amazing.  I'm also using US6s for those, since this mitt seemed a bit small to me, I decided to needle up.  I'll probably finish the first one tonight on my second break, I just have the decreases to go.  Both the baby mitts and the twisted wristers are projects for Nerd Wars.  I only have til the 28th to get projects done.  I'd like to get more than these two, but alas November hasn't been a good crafting month for me it seems.  Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day!  Happy Crafting!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Round 2, something you just dont want to do, go dancing with the devil if your wearing my shoes...

     Round 2 started November 1st.  Where did the summer go?  Round one now is done, I didn't melt the cube this time.  I did get five projects done though.  I only have one to share since I made a monetary donation to Giving Geeks.  I already explained the challenge details and tie-in for Sheppard's Cuffs, so here is the photographic evidence.
I made the second cuff in SU colors on purpose.  I never did get around to making a single band cuff.  Maybe one of these days, if people like them. 
     I also have a picture of the cotton I picked up at Walmart, despite the fight I had with the display case, harumph.

I've started a new dishcloth pattern with the orange colorway Poppy.  Its a modification of the first round dishcloth I ever made: Sunburst Dishcloth.  I downloaded the PDF to my phone when I started this originally, had I read the note about it being a modification of the other pattern I may not have started it.  That pattern makes for a ginormous dishcloth.  I made that one pre-rav, but I do have a picture.

That's back when we still had Betta fish.  I know some people like really big cloths.  The Sunburst didn't come out as big as the Round Dishcloth pictured.  I think because my gauge has changed over the years.  I still have to seam it and take pictures but the knitting is done. 
     I sadly do not have any pictures of the Card-igans yet.  I still have a side seam to do on one of them.  I've also gotten more yarn, which I don't have pictures of.  Its been too dark to take good ones, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  We didn't get much bad weather here, not too much wind just alot of rain.  It's now cooled off here, so I've gotten to wear my new mitts.  It was just two degrees above freezing when I went home last night.
     I'm back to work after my mini-staycation.  It was in celebration of my husbands birthday so he was home.  My brother also came down to the city for a visit, so I didn't get any knitting done.  Five days without fibre... I was actually glad to get back to work.  So I've started another project.  I cant go into detail since its going to be a gift for one of my readers.  I'm using some of the yarn I purchased with my birthday gift card.  It a roving and mostly acrylic, but its really soft.  It is proving to be a bit splitty but the stitch definition will be worth it.  This will be my first project for Nerd Wars this round, yes I've been slacking you can say it.  I need to get in gear here, we're almost to the halfway mark.  I need to get some pictures done, this is proving to be a very boring blog.
     That's it for now, better blogging ahead I promise.  Happy Crafting!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Down With The Sickness...

     There are only seven days left in Round 1 of Tournament 6.  I was hoping to have more done by now, but alas, real life has taken its toll on me for the last two and a half weeks.  There are a few colds going around at work.  I think I keep getting re-infected with a mutation of the same thing.  I was feeling better now I'm getting sick all over again, with different symptoms.  It probably doesn't help that I've been living at work either.  This overtime is appearing at a good time though, since the front struts on the Bonneville decided to snap in two at 3 in the morning.  Thank goodness it was in the morning.  On occasion, when one of the night shifters are on vacation, the evening shifters stay 'til three and one particular day shifter comes in at three to relieve us.  The few evening gluttons get rotated and this particular morning was my turn.  Hubs and I are lucky in the fact that we work at the same hospital.  He actually works for the hospital, I work for an outside company that is in partnership with said hospital and two others, but I digress.  Whenever I work into the morning, I'll have him walk me down to the car.  (The downside of working in an intercity hospital, is that the surrounding neighborhood can be... interesting.  Although of the four local hospitals St. Joes is about the best.)  So he had walked me to the car, I was going to drive him back up the hill to the door.  All I did was pull out of my space, about two feet, we heard a very loud ominous metallic snap.  (Ya know, a "that was something really important" kind of sound.)  He proceeded to look inside the wheel well, drive in circles in the parking lot and determined it was okay to drive home.  I was pretty skeptic, so I took one of the surface streets, since I was in no way comfortable driving it at 70 miles an hour on the highways to get back.  I didn't go over 35 MPH and every time I hit a bump it clunked like I had a box of tools in the passenger seat.  That was probably the scariest car ride of my life.  I made it home just fine, the car also made it over to the mechanic just fine, twice.  (The frame was sitting on the rubber mounts.)  Its halfway fixed now, there are all new shocks and struts in the front end.  My husband has driven it, he says it drives like a whole new car.  It still needs tie rods a wheel bearing and an alignment.  We've also decided to put new shocks and struts in the back as well, since it looks a bit goofy having the front end sit higher than the back end.  This car is the one that has given us the least problems and the one we plan on keeping around the longest.  So that's the really long story if where all my overtime money is going.

     So back to knitting.  I've finished my Aunt's Swirly Hurricane Mitts.  I have them all ready to be mailed, but haven't had the chance to get to the post office.  Here they are all done.  I have good pictures now :)
I used these for the Intellectual challenge:  A picture is worth a thousand numbers.  We were tasked with crafting a project that exhibited the properties of a math symbol.  Math is not my strong suit by any means so I went the easy peasy route.  The swirls are created with purl stitches strategically placed among stockinette.  Purl stitches look like a minus sign, or a negative sign.  I used Sam Carter as my tie in.  She always wears pretty girly civilian clothes off base.  She wore a top about this color while she was dating Pete Shannahan.  Sadly this is it when I comes to completed and submitted Nerd Wars projects. 

     I have one more that is done but I have yet to take pictures and submit it.  The project for the Geek Pride challenge:  All Hallows Eve.  For this one we were tasked with crafting a project inspired by a scary moment in our nerddom.  For me personally, the scariest types of episodes are altered states of mentality.  The episode I chose is "The Real World" from Atlantis.  Weir wakes up in a mental hospital on earth, two years before current time.  She is told by the doctors that the last two years of her life never happened, the Atlantis and the Stargate program don't exist and that Simon Wells (her X-lover) was killed days earlier in a horrible car accident.  She asks General O'Neill to visit her in the mental hospital.  He doesn't know her.  I find these types of episodes scary.  I think its the whole concept of going crazy and not knowing what reality is real anymore.  There is also a dark figure that calls Elizabeth's name and comes through the walls at her, which is creepy.  It turns out in the end that the dark creepy figure is Sheppard making an attempt to reach her in this generated reality.  She had been infected by replicator nanites.  Gen. O'Neill, the psychologist and Earth were a false reality manufactured by the nanites.  Eventually she figures that out and with Sheppard's help, she makes it back to Atlantis, which is her true reality.  (She never actually left Atlantis of course, but it makes 'splainin a bit easier.)  SO, to meet this challenge I decided to encorporate elements from both realites into one project.  In the manufactured mental hospital, in the common room, there is a very colorful and bright granny square afgan.  Its quite pretty actually.

Sheppard, who appears in both the manufactured and real reality, always wears a black sweat band on his right wrist.  So I made really colorful bright wrist cuffs.  I've made two and I'd like to make a third before I call this one done.  This is the pattern I used:  Band Cuffs.  The two I've made turned out really nicely.  I'm not sure if anyone would like to wear knitted cuffs.  I'm thinking of using them as cup cozies or vase cozies, not sure yet.  I need to make that third one and get it submitted already.  Call me the queen of procrastination.

     I've been working on another project as well.  If I can make it fit into another challenge I'll be golden.  I can donate money for Giving Geeks.  I'm working on this pattern:  Gift Card-igans.  They are little sweaters for gift cards, to make them a little more personal and to stash bust.  I've done the knitting on one, but not the seaming and I just started a second one at dinner break.  Samantha wears some rather frumpy sweaters in Mobias I and II, maybe I can pull this off.  We are supposed to be making actual costume pieces for that challenge, which is why I had a whole other project picked out, but I dont have enough time to complete it any more.  I was going to make a replica pair of fingerless gloves, like the knucks Jack O'Neill wore early on.  My husband has been asking for a pair for a while now, but I knew it was going to be alot of work so I've been putting it off.  He wants black fingering weight yarn and articulated fingers.  I found a pretty good pattern that I will have to modify to fit his large manly hands.  I've done a gauge swatch and some preliminary math, but I'm still going to be winging it, pretty much competely.  This is the pattern I'm using as my jumping off point:  Koigu Fingerless Gloves.  I'll be using the Cascade 220 Fingering I showed off a little while ago.  Between being sick and living at work my motivation level has been at -3 lately.  I hope I pull out of this funk soon.  The only real upside is that in loo of starting new project I've gotten quite a bit done on my dissertaion sweater Abalone.  I'm nearly through the first yarn cake.  I stalked the project page for Abalone, a few other people used Vintage, they used threeish skeins, so I'm close to a third done already, huzzah! 
     I have gotten some more yarn.  This morning actually.  I did a bit of restock of my dishcloth cotton.  Which segues into a rant about Walmart's yarn department...  UGH!!!  Thats the most sucinct way I can put it.  The only thing I get at Walmart now is my dishcloth cotton.  I get it else where too, but after this last trip I may be done with Walmart completly, out of principle.  My Walmart just re-did the display cases again.  They have the cotton in the most disfunctional peice of merchandise storage I have ever come across.  The skeins of cotton are all lined up by color, or at least I'm assuming that's how its supposed to work, since all the colors are mixed together.  (Which as you may or may not know, gives my OCD serious twitch.)  They are lined up vertically, so one behind another, then there is a piece of clear plexiglass in the front to keep the skeins from sliding out completely.  The problem is the shelves are mounted too close together, so the opening above the plastic is too slim, only a small child can get their hand in, the cotton doesnt even fit out of this opening.  Clearly, the design was not trialed, and clearly a crafty person did not come up with this in the first place.  Several of the skeins I got were already mangled.  The remainder were mangled by me attempeting to get the flippin things out so I could buy them.  If it haddn't been 4am I would have found a manager and laid into them.  I still may, albait, tactfully.  Or, I may just not get my cotton at Walmart any more.  If I pay attention to sales, I can get cotton at Michaels and AC Moore cheaper.  I just have to put in the effort of checking sales and then going to thoes shops durring "normal" hours.  Its probably evident that I dont keep "normal" hours at this point.  Anywho, end rant.  Cotton is thankfully very durable, so mangled or not, I can still make lovely dishcloths with it.  I'll have some pictures next time I post.  Until then, Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Past Time for an Update

     So it's October now and Nerd Wars has started again.  I've been busy on the knitting front.  Before T6 began I made another pair of Elf Clobbers.  I used Berroco Vintage for the wrist and crochet sections and Queensland Collection Soft Comfort Mohair for the fuzzy mohair section. 
This is my second go at this pattern.  I made sure to do a very loose bind off at the top of the 2X2 knitted rib section.  I also made the mohair portion looser and longer. 
     I never really got to all the finishing I wanted to do.  The tea towel toppers and the Star Trek Pot Holder taunt me every day.  I keep them out as a reminder of the things I need to complete.  One of these days they'll finally get to me and I'll finish them. 
     As I said Nerd Wars started so I've been plugging away at projects and another dissertation.  I was able to go yarn shopping twice, yes twice!  On my first trip I picked up the yarn for my dissertation.  Four skeins of Berroco Vintage Colors for Abalone.  
One Skein of Berroco Weekend for Swirly Hurricane Mitts.  
My Aunt Ann asked me to make her a pair of fingerless mitts.  I sent her a link to my previous Swirly Hurricane Mitts, but it turns out she's allergic to wool.  She really liked the pattern though so all I had to do was get non-wool yarn.  I still wanted to get something nice and I was going to the yarn shop anyway...  Weekend had the best color choices so I grabbed a lilac and the rest is history.  I'm working on these now.  I just have the thumbs to go.

You'll  have to pardon the cruddy cell phone picture.  That's usually what's most handy when I knitting away on the couch.  Once these are done, they'll be my third submission for Nerd Wars.  So back to yarn, on my first trip I also picked up another skein of Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool, in the same colorway and dye lot that I was given for my birthday.  So if I want to, I can make another pair of socks.
I was in a very purple mood that day if no one could tell.  I was even wearing a purple shirt.  On that trip I forgot to pick up another set of US8 DPN's.  Half my set is being borrowed right now and I really didn't want to wait to get them back.  I've been wanted to switch over completely to Hiya Hiya's so this was the perfect excuse to go back to the yarn shop.  So, on my second trip I picked up the needles and of course more yarn.  I had a bit of cash left over from the first trip and I sold a few dishcloths so...  I got some Cascade 220 Fingering in black for knucks I'll be making for Hubby.  He knows about them already, he's been asking me to make him something since I started knitting.

Black really doesn't photograph well, in any light.  I picked up a skein of Berroco Vintage for my stash.  I really love Vintage.  Its my go-to yarn for anything at this point.

Last but not least I bought my first skein of Malabrigo.  Rios to be exact, its a superwash and very, very pretty.  I spied the Mal on my first trip to the yarn shop and it called my name, so when I went back I really couldn't say no.  I mean could anyone say no to this?

I got this for me, as a splurge, since I've been working stupid hours lately.  That's probably self centered but I really don't care, the knitting is for me, why not some of the yarn. 
     So on to Nerd Wars.  My dissertation was approved so I've done a little bit of work on the sweater.  I don't have pictures yet and there's not much to show yet anyway.  I have gotten two challenges done.  The first one was for Technical:  The Power of One,Two or Three...  We were tasked with crafting a project from either multiple fibres or multiple colorways.  The yarns could not be preblended or self striping alone.  I made two Tricolour Dishcloths.  Yes, more Tricolours, have I mentioned how much I love this pattern.  Here's how they came out:
I used four different yarns for these cloths.  The white and the solid blue are millends, so probably Hobby Lobby, and the self striping is Sugar and Cream Stripes.  In the second cloth (the one on the left) I ran out of the Sugar and Cream so I used Peaches and Cream Scents for the last row and a half (near the top, its hard to see on this picture).  I really like how these turned out.  I think the one in the foreground is my favorite Tricolour ever.  Thus far I've kept it. 
     The second challenge I've completed is the Intellectual:  A Lion Rampant.  For this we were tasked with crafting an element of what would be our coat of arms, if we were to make one.  Since the Hubbs and I enjoy winter and snowmobiling and I do the majority of my knitting in the winter, I made a snowflake to represent this love.  I also used a pattern that required both knitting and crochet, since I do both.  Here's the pattern:  Snowflake Ornament.  (This pattern is actually part of a bundle of 5 patterns). 
I'm not super thrilled with how it came out.  My decreases don't look correct and I'm still crappy at crochet.  I made this from Red Heart Super Saver which of course is acrylic so to make this lay flat I had to "kill" it.  That was fun actually.  I think I did it correctly.  Basically you run a steam iron over it, with out touching it.  It changes an element of the yarn so it doesn't curl or buckle anymore.  This only took me an hour total so I may make some more for the Christmas tree.  That's it for now.  I'll try to keep up a little better.  I foresee the knucks being a long ordeal as the yarn is fingering/laceweight.  I don't actually expect to get them done in a month, but ya never know, miracles do happen occasionally.  Happy Crafting!