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Friday, November 30, 2012

Review of Round 2 and Update on Abalone... (I need better titles)

     Round two finished last night.  I completed three challenges and started a project for a fourth, but I didn't have enough done for partial credit.  I restarted the Baby Bella's Mittens with Lion Brand Amazing and US6 needles.  This combo proved to be much better. 
I've decided to make a hat from this yarn as well, to match these mittens.  I placed these in the "You Made That With What?" challenge.  I used a coffee stir as a cable needle for the these.  It worked pretty well, but I still prefer real cable needles.  

     I've mentioned the dishcloth I was working on in my last post.  I used the Lacy Star Dishcloth pattern.  I made two from this pattern, the first with a seam and the second with a provisional cast on and garter Kitchener to close.  Both versions are detailed in the pattern.  The Kitchener way makes the seam truly invisible.  I think this may be my favorite pattern ever.  
This is the one with the sewn seam, which us quite noticeable in this picture.

This is the one with the kitchenered seam.  Can you find it?  These wind up nice and small, which I like personally.  I put these into the Pirates vs. Ninja challenge.  My vote was for Pirates, arrrgh.
     The final challenge I submitted was a pattern I've been wanting to do for some time now Lotus Hat.  I used the Vickie Howell Sheep(ish).  The finished project did wind up too fuzzy for my taste, but it did turn out pretty well.  Turns out this yarn needs to be knit at a relatively loose gauge.  I used US7, I probably could have used US8 since the YO didn't really show.  I still have one whole skein and a little left from the first skein so I'll probably be making another.
I love the texture from the lace pattern.  I should have blocked this but since it got cold here I decided to take all my sale items to work.  This one got scooped up in the first day.  I put this hat into the MacGuffin challenge.  I picked out the pattern to support my premise.  I wanted something that resembled the Kino from SGU.  A Kino is a mechanical devise the crew is able to use instead of a MALP since it can take not only video but measure atmospheric levels.  They also used the Kinos to document the expedition. 
Here is a dusty one.  There is more texture on the surface.  I felt the Lotus pattern gave the look of texture and the color really matched well.  I'm quite proud of this one conceptually at least.  As much as I hate the yarn, the hat did turn out very nice.  I may do the pattern a third time with Q approved yarn just to sooth my ego.  This hat was also my Team Unity Project for this round.  We decided to make a project inspired by one of the alternate timeline/reality episodes.  I used the SGU episode Time.  So far that's still my favorite episode, although I still haven't finished watching all of SGU.  So in Time, when the Destiny stops at a planet a small team goes through the gate.  They find a Kino, right there, next to the gate and go right back to the Destiny.  This Kino is full of footage, so they all gather in Eli's "Kino room" and watch the footage.  It is of a larger "away team" who spends several days on the planet.  I don't want to spoil the episode too much for people who have not seen it, but ultimately they discover the wormhole connecting the planet to the Destiny is traveling through a solar flare which is what caused the Kino to be thrust back in time.  The footage on the Kino is integral to the survival of about half the crew so the Kino/footage is the MacGuffin of that episode. 
     I also did a dissertation check in.  I'm pretty sure I'm halfway through Abalone.  I used up two of my four skeins so I better be half way. 

I need to finish the back portion, the part on the needles now.  Then I need to knit the two sides/fronts that can be seen on the stitch holders up to the same point as the back/back neck.  Then I graft the sides to the back to make the shoulders.  Then I'll be in the home stretch.  I get to pick up stitches til my fingers bleed.  I'll pick up for the sleeves then all around for the band.  Others who've made this project have picked up into the 200's for the band.  It should be interesting and I really should get crakin' on this one.  I want to wear it already.  I do also really really like how this yarn is knitting up.  The colors are staying nice and even.  That's it for now.  Off to work.  Happy Crafting!

Oh, I nearly forgot.  I have a progress picture of the Twisted Wristers.  This was supposed to me my fourth project but I put it aside in order to get the Lotus Hat done.  Today is the last day of November so I don't think I'll complete them in November :(  I will get these done pronto though since they are intended for my swapee.
I've also discovered that one pair may take only one skein of the Alpaca With a Twist and I did get two skeins sooooo, I may be making a pair for myself too!  Alright, that's it for now.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

     Today is Thanksgiving.  As a family we celebrated last weekend since I'm at work today and both myself and the hubs are working this coming weekend.  Hubs did cook me something before I ran off to work for my 13 hour shift.  He made ham and green beans with bacon.  Not very thanksgivingee but we had turkey already, so it was nice.
     Onto more yarny news.  I've now got pictures of the yarn I purchased recently and some project photos.  I got a gift card from a friend for my birthday, I finally got around to getting some yarn.  It was a gift card to Michaels, I don't shop there much anymore.  Here is what I got:
I got two skeins of Vickie Howell Sheep(ish), its mostly acrylic but it has some wool.  Its very soft in the skein.  It is a single and it turns out I abhor this yarn, more on that in a little bit. 

This is just plain old cotton, but I love this colorway Moondance.  I'm working on a dishcloth from it now.  Its this pattern:  Lacy Star.  So far I'm finding to be a very unique circular pattern.  It has short rows but they are done different from any other round cloth I've ever done.  I picked up another ball of cotton in a color I needed more of.  I've been asked to make an SU dishcloth so I picked up another dark blue skein of cotton. 

I also picked up some real sock yarn.  Ever since I made my worsted weight socks I've been wanting to do actual sock weight socks.  I figured I should still be conservative until I know I like them, so I got this.  Its a pretty inexpensive way to try out real socks.  I'm thinking of doing ankle socks since that's the type I prefer for store bought ones.  I'll also be able to do more than one pair I think, anyway.
I picked this up special for a project I'm working on now.  I'm doing the Nerd Wars swap and its a super secret swap so my swappee has no idea I have her/him.  I still don't want to talk too much about it til I send out my package.  I will link the pattern though and say that so far I'm really enjoying both the alpaca and the pattern.  Twisted Wristers was the choice for the November KAL in a group I just joined on Ravelry late last month.  The Fingerless Glove Fanatics do a continual KAL/CAL all through the year.  I got myself hooked on fingerless mitts a bit ago.  They're quick, fun, great for Nerd Wars and a hot sale item.  So more on those later too.
I've also been asked to make another two pairs of Elf Clobbers so I had to get some more mohair.  I do still have a little Soft Comfort Mohair left, but there is no way its enough for even one more pair.  The Violet is for the cuffs but I couldn't resist the Spanish Blue, its so pretty.  I was going to try a blue on blue with that mohair but I think it may prove difficult to match to another blue.  We'll see, I have a pattern or two in mind.  So that's it for recent yarn purchases.
     I finished the Sunburst Dishcloth and finally got around to seaming it.  It didn't turn out as big as I thought it would and I really like the different oranges.

Pookey was helping me with pictures that day.  I finally got around to getting pictures of the Card-igans.  They're still not finished.  They need loops and buttons yet and I still need to do one seam on one of them. 
The brown and blue one on the left has a SC seam along the sides.  The solid blue one on the right is a sewn seam and I like the look of that better.  The blue one actually has a gift card in it too, which helps the shape.  I need to make some more of these, they're pretty fun to do. 
     So I stated earlier that I found out I don't like Sheep(ish).  I used it for this pattern:  Baby Bella Mittens.  It started out good, the yarn was a little splitty but it is a single and I was using US5s.  Once I was done with the mitten I noticed how fuzzy and sheddy the finished fabric had become.  The picture doesn't show the full extent, its worse in real life.
I also messed up the first cable.  So I probably wont be making a second one with this yarn.  This is my first UGH! project.  I've already started the pattern over again with my left over Lion Brand Amazing.  I'm also using US6s for those, since this mitt seemed a bit small to me, I decided to needle up.  I'll probably finish the first one tonight on my second break, I just have the decreases to go.  Both the baby mitts and the twisted wristers are projects for Nerd Wars.  I only have til the 28th to get projects done.  I'd like to get more than these two, but alas November hasn't been a good crafting month for me it seems.  Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day!  Happy Crafting!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Round 2, something you just dont want to do, go dancing with the devil if your wearing my shoes...

     Round 2 started November 1st.  Where did the summer go?  Round one now is done, I didn't melt the cube this time.  I did get five projects done though.  I only have one to share since I made a monetary donation to Giving Geeks.  I already explained the challenge details and tie-in for Sheppard's Cuffs, so here is the photographic evidence.
I made the second cuff in SU colors on purpose.  I never did get around to making a single band cuff.  Maybe one of these days, if people like them. 
     I also have a picture of the cotton I picked up at Walmart, despite the fight I had with the display case, harumph.

I've started a new dishcloth pattern with the orange colorway Poppy.  Its a modification of the first round dishcloth I ever made: Sunburst Dishcloth.  I downloaded the PDF to my phone when I started this originally, had I read the note about it being a modification of the other pattern I may not have started it.  That pattern makes for a ginormous dishcloth.  I made that one pre-rav, but I do have a picture.

That's back when we still had Betta fish.  I know some people like really big cloths.  The Sunburst didn't come out as big as the Round Dishcloth pictured.  I think because my gauge has changed over the years.  I still have to seam it and take pictures but the knitting is done. 
     I sadly do not have any pictures of the Card-igans yet.  I still have a side seam to do on one of them.  I've also gotten more yarn, which I don't have pictures of.  Its been too dark to take good ones, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  We didn't get much bad weather here, not too much wind just alot of rain.  It's now cooled off here, so I've gotten to wear my new mitts.  It was just two degrees above freezing when I went home last night.
     I'm back to work after my mini-staycation.  It was in celebration of my husbands birthday so he was home.  My brother also came down to the city for a visit, so I didn't get any knitting done.  Five days without fibre... I was actually glad to get back to work.  So I've started another project.  I cant go into detail since its going to be a gift for one of my readers.  I'm using some of the yarn I purchased with my birthday gift card.  It a roving and mostly acrylic, but its really soft.  It is proving to be a bit splitty but the stitch definition will be worth it.  This will be my first project for Nerd Wars this round, yes I've been slacking you can say it.  I need to get in gear here, we're almost to the halfway mark.  I need to get some pictures done, this is proving to be a very boring blog.
     That's it for now, better blogging ahead I promise.  Happy Crafting!