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Sunday, March 15, 2015

February FOs and Mad Geek Tour Club Yarn

     So I've been at my new job for a little over a month.  Its going well.  Moving to a smaller city and working at a smaller hospital was all part of our master plan.  I'm training in Blood Bank right now, the next department will be chemistry in another week or two.  I'm looking forward to working on the Vistas again.  Its been about a year now since I've done chemistry so I'm really looking forward to it.  Alright back to more exciting things like knitting and yarn!
     Back around Christmas time, before I knew I'd be moving, I joined the Mad Geek Tour for January, February and March with the theme being "Where No Color Has Gone Before".  I've gotten two of the three installments: 
This is Doomsday Machine on Doolally.  I love the blues and purples.  That was January.
This is Resistance is Futile on Stalwart.  The grays with the pop of green is absolutely perfect.  I've had a fingerless mitt pattern in my queue forever that is based on Seven of Nine's Borg hands.  I'm thinking this my finally be the impetus to get those knit up.  I'm really looking forward to the final March installment which will include a Jesselu bag.  Since moving to Watertown this is the only yarn acquisition I've done.  There are no LYSs up here at least close.  I'm going to have to plan some trips to either Syracuse or up north farther. 
     I have gotten some knitting done, mostly some smaller projects as my yarn is still mostly inaccessible along with my tools.  I think most of my books are going over into storage so the spare bedroom will get cleared out a little bit and then my yarn totes wont be in one huge towering pile.  I still have nothing on which to set up my ball winder.  The adjustable thingy only opens so wide and all my tables are really thick.  I think I'm going to just attach it to a stool and figure it out from there.  So the sort version is, I've been knitting from yarn that was already wound either by me or a factory.  Having Nerdopolis has giving me a bit of motivation and I actually made three submissions last month. 

Since Nerdopolis is carrying on the Nerd Wars tradition I felt it necessary to do a crocheted pot holder for old time sake.  This one went to my husbands aunt who admired the ones I made.  I also made her a dishcloth.
The Starfish pattern is one of my favorites.  Its quick, simple and easy to memorize.  Its a good sized cloth too.
Since I was practically blackmailed into making something for my uncle Wesley I decided to take my own spin on it.  He asked me to make him some mittens.  He didn't say what size (or kind) so I made him a felted oven mitt.
I used a bunch of the small bits of wool I dyed myself with Kool-Aid.  I think I still have enough left to make a second one.  But I'm thinking I shouldn't actually make a pair of mittens.  At the very least the pair wont match. 
     Yesterday was Pi day.  It snuck up on me so I whipped up a dishcloth yesterday for one of the challenges.
I used one of my favorite go to dishcloth patterns and my absolute favorite colorway of the old Elmore Pisgah Peaches and Cream, Winterberry.
     I finished a bib today, but its gotten too dark to take pictures today.  I used a new pattern, which is interesting and hopefully lives up to its name of being a stay on bib.  That's pretty much all I've gotten done for last month.
     The dates for this year's Knit Crochet Blog Week have been announced.  I'll be doing that in May.  More on that next time.  Until later.
Happy Crafting!