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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Post 100, hurrah!

     Knit and Crochet Blog Week start tomorrow.  I really want post number 100 to be a normal one so I'm doing a quick update.  I've still been knitting dishcloths and I got some more cotton since I realized I was out of purple.  I want to do a rainbow set of ball band dishcloths and its sort of hard to do that without purple.  So here's what I've done:

Another Elvish Leaves Dishcloth in the Aloe Vera color.  I'm going to do another in a darker solid green.  I made this one while watching the third Hobbit movie, which was totally a coincidence.  I had to focus on this a bit so I really didn't even watch the movie too much anyway.  This makes a largeish cloth.  I love the lace patterned ones.  The other cloth I made was this one.
It's Ball Band Dishcloth.  I use the original Peaches and Crème version.  There are many versions and they're all the same.  I do cut out one pattern repeat to make them smaller.  So I always cast on 39 stitches.  I'm going to do a second one starting with a different shade of green and going to pink.  I think I might to a dish towel to go with these two and do the full rainbow in the towel.  The only thing that isn't fun about doing the rainbow is alllllll the ends to weave in. 

Here's the dishcloth cotton I picked up yesterday:

The colors are from the left Black Current, Bright Blue and Seaside Stripes. 
     I made another dishcloth this weekend.  It's a round pattern that was new to me.  It's similar to the other round ones I've made.  Most of them are a variation on a theme but each one is slightly different so I'll keep making them.  This one makes a good sized cloth, each point is a wedge but the center doesn't end up huge so cinching up is easy.  I didn't have to modify this one to make it lay nicely.  I like it.  It's called Petal Dishcloth.
     So there we have it, post number 100, yea!!!  Once Blog Week is over I might do a giveaway or something.  I should really do something with a bit more fanfare.  I do actually know where all my beading supplies are now so stitch markers...  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
Until later.  Happy Crafting!

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