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Friday, May 15, 2015

Knit Crochet Blog Week Day Five

Day Five (Friday 15th May): Something A Bit Different
It’s the annual challenge to blog in a way different to how you normally blog. You may choose to create a podcast, or vlog, create a wordless post, a beautiful infographic or write in verse. You can post on any topic you like, but be sure to post in a style different from your usual blog presentation. There’s not too much guidance for this one simply because the more varied the posts are on this day, the wider the sources of information for other bloggers will be.

The laptop is acting up today.  It thinks its not connected to the internet, but it is and all our other devices are working fine... This is going to be a very abbreviated post.

Loops on a stick 
Ever growing
Stitch by stitch

Brighly colored string
Pulled out farthur
From its coiled ring

Texture and patterns created
Many different stitches
Much time must be slated

Once finished
It'll be useful
For washin' some dishes

That about does it for my creative writting skills, hope you enjoyed.  Now to finish said dishcloth.  Until later.
Happy Crafting!

To find more posts type 6KCBWDAY5 into google and see what comes up.

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