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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oops, its November...

My life has been a bit of a zoo.  I've been meaning to post, really I have.  I'm now on evening shift full time.  So I actually have less time to do things.  I miss my weekend boys, but not the strange schedule during the week.  Having a routine is very nice.

I joined Nerd Wars back in October.  I'm playing for Team Enterprise.  That's my big news and why I have had no time at all.  Its been really great and fun.  I haven't completed as many challenges as I had hoped, but I still have obligations outside of this crazy knitting thing.  So back in round one I did:

A potholder for Neelix:

A DNA dishcloth:

aaaannnnddddd:   drum roll please......

My First Ever large garment like project....
A top for Seven of Nine:

I'm still pretty smitten with it.  I made it in two weeks too!  It was great to have some motivation.

Round two started the first of November and thus far I have completed two challenges and am halfway done with a third.

I made a hexagon cloth fit for the Enterprise NCC-1701

I just completed and submitted Nog's calcium oxalate:

This one has a special story behind it, of course.  Being a med tech in real life, I over thought this challenge quite a bit.  Anatomy of a Nerd or whatever.  I had tons of ideas floating around.  I was in urinalysis the night the new challenges were posted.  I then browsed through some patterns and found a blanket square pattern.  It looked so much like cal. ox. I had to run with it.  I started the project without a link back to Star Trek.  So I got out the huge Color Atlas of Urine Sediment and read the 4 or 5 pages on calcium oxalate.  I have to admit this was the first time I ever read about urine crystals with any kind of interest or enthusiasm.  I found the bit about carbonated beverages being a source of oxalate and said out laud ROOT BEER yes.  Nog drinks root beer.  All of my co-workers looked at me goofy at that point.  (They know about the sci-fi thing and NW and just smile and nod when I explain things.)  So I explained the connection and was pretty proud of myself.  Still am if its not obvious.  I think this is how I should learn about everything from now on.  I need to knit it, or an homage to it when I do research.  It actually becomes interesting.

So I'll attempt to keep better written record of all the Nerd Waring from now on.  The other project I've got going is a pair of mittens to go with Hermione's hat back from May.  One is done, I haven't had the motivation to start the left one.  Its my Team Unity Project so its worth more points so for the team at least I should finish.      

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