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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So, its been a bit and I've been productive

Work has been a bit nutty lately.  I've pretty much lived there for the last three weeks.  I finally have tonight off thanks to a scheduling error.  So in more entertaining news; I have finished the Cable and Eyelet hat!  It also fits my tiny head, which is great news for me.
I am quite pleased with the outcome.  I used only the one skein, so I have another one to do something else with or another one of these, whichever.  As I have stated earlier I found the Baby Llama to be on the light side for a worsted and I hold to that.  I wont be using this yarn for typical worsted projects again.  I'll probably substitute it for a sport(DK, whatever)  I still do like its softness though and the llama smell comes through just enough to be fun. 
I started another project of course.  Dream Shrug is the pattern name.  I am using Trendsetter Dune.  So far, I have very mixed feelings about this yarn.  It is double stranded but not plied.  Its mohair and then wool/polymide.  The mohair must be stretchier or something because it is separating from the other strand and making me nutty.  The knitted work is gorgeous but the ever lengthening divide is really getting on my nerves.  Plus the yarn was not anywhere near cheap so I defiantly don't want to waste a shred of it!  Suggestions or advise would greatly be appreciated.
Happy knitting everybody.

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