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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Round Three... no mercy, its the way of the fist...

     Maybe at some point I should mention that if anyone can name the song and or band that I throw into my tittles I'll give you brownie points.  (Note that brownie points in my household actually turn into brownies.)

     So anyway, round three started back on the first of December.  I've already made two challenge submissions.  Hooray for me, motivation!  I finished the Twisted Wristers, which were the KAL for the Fingerless Glove Fanatics Group in November and what I sent to my Swappee Hale.  I used these for the WIP challenge.  I also busted out a dishcloth as a stash buster for the other project in order to get max points.  Here are the mitts completed and blocked.  The mock cable was very crinkly so I wet blocked them to make everything even out and lie flat.  I'll show you before and after pictures so you can see the difference.
So that's the right mitt completed minus the thumb.

Here they are blocked and dry.  They look uneven, but I think its the angle at which I took the picture.  They were the same size.  I still have a whole skein left of the yarn I used, which was Alpaca With a Twist; Baby Alpaca.  So, at some point I will be making another pair.  There are yarn overs in these just above where the "cable" curls, I was thinking of putting beads in those YO's.  

     The second challenge I submitted to was the "I will survive" challenge.  I made some warm weather gear to survive the (hopefully) coming winter weather.  I repeated a pattern I had done ages ago upon the request of a co-worker.  She liked the other purple scarf I made but wanted one in a neutral cream color.  The pattern is on the ball band of the yarn and since I made the first scarf it has been uploaded to Ravelry.  It is Raindrop Eyelets Scarf.  There is an error on the ball band, so if you knit this up go from the correct Ravelry pattern.  The yarn is Loops and Threads Dewdrops.  Its a super bulky and has sequins incorporated right into the yarn.  It's quite nice to knit with despite being a "big box store" yarn.  
Finished and all rolled up.  It was just shy of six feet.

The sequins don't shop up very well on camera but here's a close up so you can see the eyelets.  They are made by creating a stitch, knitting it for 6 rows and then dropping it.  Dropping stitches is fun when its on purpose.
     I'm working on another scarf now.  (I had another request.)  This one is a chunky weight brioche stitch scarf.  I'm using Berroco Vintage Chunky, which I feel is light for a chunky.  I do really like the way the scarf is turning out so far, its very squishy, which is perfect for a scarf.  Sadly I don't have progress pictures yet. 
     That's it as far as crafting is concerned.  I have two cakes to bake in the next few days.  The Nafziger Christmas is this Saturday, so if I have my wits about me I'll take pictures.  I'll have my knitting with me and usually so does my aunt and one of my cousins.  Until later, Happy Crafting!


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