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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Year in Review

     With only two days left before 2013 I thought it would be a good idea to look back at 2012.  I made a list of goals back in April so lets see what I accomplished:

-Double Knitting
-Socks! (There is a deadline on this one 12/21/12, its a long story and it involves the Zombie Apocalypse)
-Color work, stranded knitting and I think its called Swiss Darning, where you follow over existing stitches with a different color.
-Real lace knitting, shawls or wraps with small needles (I have a small needle phobia)
-Knitted Ami, not sure if my little Red Blood Cell counts.
-Sweaters, I tend to do smaller projects so I want to do some more time consuming ones.
-Crochet, I was intending to keep focusing on knitting but I found out I do enjoy crochet.
-Finishing, its what makes an item look handmade not homemade, as they say.
-Traveling cables, the Celtic ones

Socks check:  August 2012
Felting check and check:  July 2012 

Knitted Ami check and check:  December 2012 (The RBC does count)
Sweater check:  December 2012
Traveling Cables check: July 2012 
More Crochet check and check:  September and October 2012

     So I need to think about my goals for next year.  Lace is at the top of my list, I already have yarn and a pattern at the ready.  All in all 2012 was a good knitting year!  Happy Crafting!  Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.

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  1. Yeah for getting some of your list done....that always feels good...