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Friday, November 9, 2012

Round 2, something you just dont want to do, go dancing with the devil if your wearing my shoes...

     Round 2 started November 1st.  Where did the summer go?  Round one now is done, I didn't melt the cube this time.  I did get five projects done though.  I only have one to share since I made a monetary donation to Giving Geeks.  I already explained the challenge details and tie-in for Sheppard's Cuffs, so here is the photographic evidence.
I made the second cuff in SU colors on purpose.  I never did get around to making a single band cuff.  Maybe one of these days, if people like them. 
     I also have a picture of the cotton I picked up at Walmart, despite the fight I had with the display case, harumph.

I've started a new dishcloth pattern with the orange colorway Poppy.  Its a modification of the first round dishcloth I ever made: Sunburst Dishcloth.  I downloaded the PDF to my phone when I started this originally, had I read the note about it being a modification of the other pattern I may not have started it.  That pattern makes for a ginormous dishcloth.  I made that one pre-rav, but I do have a picture.

That's back when we still had Betta fish.  I know some people like really big cloths.  The Sunburst didn't come out as big as the Round Dishcloth pictured.  I think because my gauge has changed over the years.  I still have to seam it and take pictures but the knitting is done. 
     I sadly do not have any pictures of the Card-igans yet.  I still have a side seam to do on one of them.  I've also gotten more yarn, which I don't have pictures of.  Its been too dark to take good ones, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  We didn't get much bad weather here, not too much wind just alot of rain.  It's now cooled off here, so I've gotten to wear my new mitts.  It was just two degrees above freezing when I went home last night.
     I'm back to work after my mini-staycation.  It was in celebration of my husbands birthday so he was home.  My brother also came down to the city for a visit, so I didn't get any knitting done.  Five days without fibre... I was actually glad to get back to work.  So I've started another project.  I cant go into detail since its going to be a gift for one of my readers.  I'm using some of the yarn I purchased with my birthday gift card.  It a roving and mostly acrylic, but its really soft.  It is proving to be a bit splitty but the stitch definition will be worth it.  This will be my first project for Nerd Wars this round, yes I've been slacking you can say it.  I need to get in gear here, we're almost to the halfway mark.  I need to get some pictures done, this is proving to be a very boring blog.
     That's it for now, better blogging ahead I promise.  Happy Crafting!

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  1. I have tons of cotton I've bought over the years...and I always say I'm going to make cloths, but rarely do...