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Friday, December 28, 2012

T6: El Fin

     The world didn't end!  Christmas is over!  (In theory Christmas music should also be done, but alas, St. Joes didn't get the memo.)  Hubbs and I celebrated Christmas early.  We don't do much to begin with and we normally wait 'til January since we can actually get home to Lo'ville and have some money.  We exchanged gifts a couple days before Christmas and I went yarn shopping on Sunday.  I gave him two Xbox games and volume 7 of Futurama.  I got two History Channel sets and diamond earrings.  (Really nice ones too!)  My favorite yarn shop, Sheep Thrills! Yarn Company, was having an open house on Sunday 12.23.12.  There were cookies, eggnog and a chance to win a $50 gift certificate.  I got called into work that day, but told them I had to go to the yarn shop first.  (Ya know priorities.)  I really did need to go though since I needed 32" US8s for Abalone.  While I was there I splurged and got myself some yummy yarns.
Cascade Heritage Silk, which I already have earmarked for Cassis Shawlette.  I really enjoyed the scarf I finished and need to show you, so I got yarn to make one for me.
Malabrigo is becoming an addiction for me I think...  I had good light and the cats were helping me.  I think this pic turned out cute, Pookey has good taste. 

     So, on to the scarf I finished which means on to Nerd Wars!  I figured out how to stuff this one into a challenge.  I used it as the Team Unity Project.  This round we did a crossover with Team Mythology.  So we had to draw from actual mythology. 

The Asgard god Freya had a Falcon Cloak that allowed her to fly.  I figured a personal flying cloak would come in handy on the planets where the Stargate is miles away from anything.  The Asgard are an alien race in Stargate, a nekid alien race.  If life support ever failed on one of their ships a scarf may come in handy.  I used the pattern 2 Row Reversible Scarf, which I plan to use again with the Malabrigo.  The only down side of the pattern is that it shows mistakes really well.  I made a couple with this scarf, I hope they only bothered me. 

     I finished my dissertation!!!  I cant decide if I love it or hate it.  I picked up too many stitches for the body band so it ruffles around the hips.  I'm sure I'm just being overcritical of my own work.  Everything else is great.  It fits me, the knitting is great, the colors are great.  I think it'll grow on me.

  I was able to find another person out there who also likes the band Five Finger Death Punch, so I got to use them for the Intellectual challenge:  With a little help from my friends.  I used the line from Stranger Than Fiction
Of all the things you took away/
I miss my mind the most.
This of course made me thing of the Goa'uld, the parasitic alien race in Stagate who enslave the Jaffa and use humans as hosts.  They are very nasty bad guys.  I made a larval form Goa'uld much like the one Teal'c carries.  Jack always refers to him as Junior. 
My Junior is a little disproportionate.  His mouth/jaw flanges are a but long compared to his head.  If I were to do this again, I'd make the largest part of the head longer before breaking off for the mouth sections.  I'm quite happy with it though considering I winged it completely.
     My last project for T6 was for the Technical challenge:  A blank canvas.  We needed to embellish a project for that challenge.  I made a mini Christmas stocking and embellished it with a button.  I was going to incorporate beads, but 6s and worsted don't work well together.  I did however find out that two of the three tiny crochet hooks Mom gave me do work with those beads.  I used the left over yarn from my first pair of socks.  Now, every year when I get out my Christmas ornaments I'll have a tribute to learning to how to knit socks.  The ornament will probably outlast the socks too.  
This was a great little pattern.  It has directions for worsted and fingering.  The only qualm was it didn't tell you when to change yarns to get a contrasting cuff, toe and heel.  (It is however easy to figure out where to do it if you've done socks.)  I didn't pay close enough attention and realised I should have changed colors for the heel after I turned it...oops.  It still looks good.  The pattern is:  Mini Stocking Ornament.  I have some more scraps of left over worsted weight yarn, I should make a few more of these. 
     We finally got some snow here in CNY so snowmobiling is in our immediate future.  Huzzah!  I'll leave you with one final image more to come in the month off from Nerd Wars.  This is Teal'c with Junior.  Happy Crafting!


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