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Monday, May 12, 2014

Knit Crochet Blog Week Day 1

     Here we are at day one already.  The topic for today is: 

Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made, or are in the process of making.

So here goes nothing. 

I woke up this morning and she wasn't beside me.  My love, my only, my mate was gone.  At first I wasn't too worried, I thought, maybe, she had awoke earlier than me.  I got up and wandered around the Drawer.  Mr. and Mrs. FirstSocks were outside pruning the hedges together.  I could see the HermoinesMittens sisters down the way having coffee.  Where was my wife?  She wasn't to be found in our space.  I was starting to get worried.  I hurried down the way to the new high-rise to see if anyone knew where my wife had gone.  I found ThreeBelow first.  She had just returned from the Work Bin a few weeks back and was still nursing her new graft.  
     "Mr. Anklet," she greeted me.  "I heard terrible screams coming from the Drawer last night, is everyone alright over there?"
     "Screams?  I heard nothing and my wife is missing."
     "Oh dear, that's what I was afraid of.  I peaked out when I heard the ruckus.  I saw him, Anklet, it was the Troll."  I could hear nothing but the blood pumping through my ears, the room was spinning, I couldn't breath.  I found myself sitting on ThreeBelow's sofa.  She had called over Mr. IndiecitaHat and together they had managed to calm me down... a bit anyway.  My mind was racing still.  It didn't make sense the Sock Troll usually didn't mess with us.  He only attacked the commercial socks with his hoard of Underwear Gnomes in tow.  Why now, why us, and why didn't he take me?  
     "I have to go find her," I blurted out.  "She must be terrified, I need to go get her back."
     "Oh Anklet,"  soothed ThreeBelow "You know that's foolish, I'm sorry, but your wife is gone. "
     "NO, I wont accept that.  Just because no one has come back before..."
     "Anklet, be rational, where would you even start looking?" asked Mr. IndiecitaHat.
     "I don't know yet, but I have to try.  I owe it to her, you know she'd be looking for me right now, if this was reversed.  Are you going to help me or not?"  I was fuming, furious, I wasn't about to stand around and do nothing. 
     "Of course we will, dear.  Let's rally the neighbors and see who will join you."
     "Thank you Three, you've always been so great to us." 

I waited patiently for Three and Indiecita to go rally the neighbors.  Hermione's Mittens were the first to arrive.  I somehow knew they would be.  They had been separated themselves.  Left had some serious health problems a few years back, she was in and out of the Work Bin several times.  She's fine now. 
     "I'm so sorry Anklet.  We came as soon as we heard.  Whatever you need, we'll be here for you."  She really was a sweet thing.  She and my wife had always gotten along so well.  Dragon Skin was next followed closely by FanCowl, CozyThermal, the Elfin sisters and Hermione'sMittens older sister Hermione'sHat.  Even the Shawl family came over.  DragonFlyWings and Cassis both gave me a huge hug.  I was starting to feel a little better.  I looked around at all my neighbors.  I mean every single one of them.  Even Three was there and she still had a fresh graft.  I knew then that I had the best friends on Earth, they were going to follow me blindly into the great unknown just to find my wife. 
     "Thank you everyone for coming.  I don't really know what to tell you all about where we're going.  I know its something we refuse to talk about, but I think we need to head for the Portal.  It's got to be where the Troll and his Gnomes come from and its got to be where Mrs. Anklet has gone."  There were a few gasps from the crowd when I mentioned it, the portal.  Its true, its something no one ever discusses, but its there, looming off in the distance, ever watching and ever present.  They had all brought provisions with them, the few things they though might help them on our journey.  As the sun was streaming in through the window, we all set out.  We waved goodbye to the Gurdians; Pookie, Mongo and Jack.  They seemed pretty perplexed when the entire wardrobe of the Master strolled by, but this had to be done.  She was one of us and I had to get her back. 

I suppose I'll stop there for now.  This is getting plenty long.  I think its the age old question.  Where do all those lost socks go?  Maybe it's time for them to fight back and retrieve one of their own. 


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