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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Knit Crochet Blog Week and Other News.

     It's that time of year again.  Its the 5th annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.  It starts tomorrow!  Time for me to get planning. 
     I have unblocked pictures of the shawl I finished. 
This was the pattern I won by naming it; Phoebis by Laura Patterson of Fiber Dreams.  I thought that the yarn overs and cables of her green version looked like a butterfly.  So I picked out a green butterfly, Phoebis Sennae as my name choice.  Laura liked it and now the pattern is called Phoebis.  Since I made mine with purple yarn, I named this shawl after a purple butterfly Apatura Iris.  The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Maxima.  It is amazing to work with, soft, squishy and has great stitch definition.  It is also a fair trade yarn produced by women in Uruguay.  I think that I'm going to block at least the lace section of this one, so that those butterflies show up better.  The pattern list four sizes I made the third one based on the yardage I had.  It is nice and long, so I think my recipient will like it.  I want to knit up the pattern again with green yarn.  I was going to match the called for fiber content of 100% bamboo, but I really, really like how it turned out with the Maxima.  This was put into the Hieroglyphics challenge for Nerd Wars. 

I cranked out a quick, but largish, dishcloth for the Celestial challenge:
I used some of my real Peaches and Cream yarn for this one.  I really like the points, it turned out nicely.  The pattern is: Circular Facecloth with Lace Edging.  I knit the smaller of the two sizes and it is still at least 8 inches across.
The sweater I made for Kylie fits her perfectly.  It looks just a tad big, so she should get some use out of it before she grows out of it completely. 
Now that I've gotten to see this on an actual child I can't recommend the pattern, Entrechat, enough.  It's easy to follow and makes a great looking sweater that fits on a kid really well.  I'm going to be making lots more of these, for all the kids I know.  Christina is so far,my most knitworthy friend.  I always get to see my creations being worn and loved, which is the purpose of knitting for people!  The yarn was Malabrigo Rios in the Solis colorway, so its totally machine washable.
Tournament 10 has ended so I've been hibernating so far.  I've been working slowly on Holden.  This pattern has been in my queue forever and then some.  I'm using Malabrigo Sock in Playa.  I've finished the stockinette section, now I can start the lace.  I'm going to see if I can add beads near the bottom.  I'm a tad obsessed with beaded knitting.
Speaking of beaded knitting.  I'm going to be teaching a beaded knitting class at Yarn Cupboard on May 24th.  I'll be using the pattern Jeweled Cowl.  So far I think I have one person coming to the class.  I need to do some advertising at work yet.  I hope some more want to partake, I think it will be a lot of fun. 
Well I need to check out these prompts for blog week.  Come back tomorrow for day one, and check out all the other blogers who will be participating as well!
Until later, Happy Crafting!

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