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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vacation Knitting

     I've been on vacation this past week.  I haven't gotten much done, which was the point of this vacation.  My Husband, myself and my in-laws went to the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park on Monday.  I didn't take any pictures 'til we got to the farm animals.  The Thompson Park Zoo only keeps animals that are now or were historically native to the Northern New York area, so the zoo is limited on animals for the most part.  I've been there before, many years ago and it hasn't changed much.  It was still fun and I got to meet a very friendly goat and three alpacas.
She/he very much enjoyed being scratched behind the ear.
The Alpacas had just been fed, so they ignored me, but it was great to see them up close.  I was tempted to ask what is done with the fiber after they shear them.  I also thought it would have been nice to have demonstrators there spinning or at least a mention that these were yarn producing animals.  There is a petting zoo Old MacDonald's Farm nearby so maybe all that sort of thing happens there.  I remember there being more farm animals in years past, not sure why there aren't as many now.  I also picked up a souvenir bag from the gift shop, it will be great to use as a project bag.

     I found out on Tuesday there is a Blog Hop happening right now.  I found out through a blogger friend of mine, who is also my Nerd Wars Team Co-Captain.  It started August 19th and runs through September 19th.  I have decided to join.  The object is to finish up some WIPS within that time period and read some new blogs.  Tournament 8 will be done soon and I always seem to have some things lying around that need to be completed.  I'll compile a tentative list.  The first three are projects that other people have asked me to make them and I have, rather rudely. not completed yet.
Elf Clobbers
Out of the Oven (Oven Mitt)
Jack's Knucks
Cables & Garter Cardi (My failed dissertation from T7)
Gift Card-igans

I'm sure this list will grow.  I have some other projects lined up as well.  If you would like to join this blog hop the info can be found here:  Blog Hub

     I did get some knitting done on this vacation.  I finished up the shawl before I left since I was giving it to my Mother in Law on the vacation.  Here is the glamour shot of that: 
I also finished the knitting on the Brain Wave right before I left.  I did the finishing work on vacation.  Here she is finished: 

I really enjoyed this one and I have about half a skein each of the Mini Mochi left over.  I think I'm going to do another but with the colors opposite.  I have to say, it was really fun to knit with both hands.  I think now that I've had a hat worth of practice, I may try knitting continental with just the one stand to change it up every now and then.

I did a quick project with some of the left-over Cascade Heritage Silk I used for the Cassis Shawlette. 
These are Showsy Toes Baby Sandal Socks.  They were relatively quick, but sort of fiddly and there winds up being four ends to weave in.  They are cute though, so I suppose its worth it.  They barely took any yarn at all.  I should probably make another pair or two for all the babies who were born over the summer to my co-workers.

I started another hat today.  This will be my last project for T8.  The pattern is:  Snappy Hat.  I'm using Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in the color "Aztec".  The pattern has been in my queue since March of 2011!  Its fast and fun, I really enjoy cables.  I think I'm already halfway through the hat.  After knitting one lace weight project and three fingering weight projects this month this bulky yarn feels like rope.  Its nice to see some progress after only 10 minutes.  Sadly. I don't have pictures of it yet, since I just started it earlier today.

I think that's it for knitting news.  I may be "teaching" a class at Yarn Cupboard soon.  There was some demand for a beaded knitting class after all the ooohs and aaahhhs generated from my Jeweled Cowl at the Jephson Estate.  More details later.  At this point all I know is I'm already slated to knit three more of them. 

Until Later, Happy Crafting!

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