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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two Handed Stranded Colorwork... Why Yes!

     There it is.  The pattern is Brain Wave.  I'm using Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi.  Its a fingering weight yarn.  This is the only yarn left in the Mochi line that I hadnt used yet.  Its a single, lightly spun Merino.  Its very very soft, but tends to show wear and tear pretty fast.  Despite that its still one of my favorite yarns.  The softness and warmth just cant be beat, and the colors...oh lovely!  So as I stated in the title I'm doing this one two handed, as in one strand in the left hand one in the right, so I just switch hands when I need to switch colors.  Its faster and the yarns dont get tangled.  It took me a little bit to get comfortable.  I've tried knitted contental a couple times but it felt funny not doing much with my right hand.  Since I'm knitting with both hands there's yarn in my right hand, so switching over to my left feels "right", for whatever reason it all just clicked for me and I'm finding it very addicting.  The pattern is very easy, the color sections move over a stitch each row, so its easy to know where I am or if I've messed something up.  I think this would have been a better first faire isle project than my snowflake hat, but I'm still really happy with how that one turned out.  Basically my message is this, if you've been wanting to try two handed colorwork knitting, my best advise is to jump right in.  Your muscles will get the hang of it, just be patient.

I have better photos of my last two projects.  I've blocked Cassis.  I wish I would have taken before measurements to see how much it grew.  I'm sure its not that much but at least the lace is open now and the edges are straight.  I also got to use my new blocking boards, hurrah.
I have the blocking boards teetering on top of a pile of stuff in my craft room so the cats cant lay on this.  I pinned it out with the boards on the floor and within 30 seconds of laying everything down all three cats were there and "helping".  Naughty children...

I also got a better picture of Jeweled Cowl.  I have it all folded up though.
Thats it for now, just a quick update.  Until Later, Happy Crafting!

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