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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thats a Wrap...I Mean Hat.

     So that's it for me.  I just turned in my last project, Tournament 8 is done.  I'm even four days early.  That probably means I'm forgetting something important.  So what was my last project?  It was Snappy Hat. 
The Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride made it go quick.  I finished it today in one sitting.  Finally, after nine or so years of living in this apartment, we got lawn chairs for the balcony.  I spent my afternoon out there with the cats.  It was the perfect temperature and the balcony is high enough off the ground that the cats stay put.  Well almost, Mongo jumped down once, but he didn't really like where he ended up.
Mongo enjoying all the new smells.

Jack chilling under the air conditioner. 

     Now that I'm done with Nerd Wars knitting, I should be working on that list of things I should get done for other people.  I know me though, too well, and I'm probably going to start a little pocket bag thing that I just queued the other day.  It gets lined with fabric once its done and I have yet to do that sooo.... 

Until Later, Happy Crafting!


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  1. Oh the kitties are adorable!!!!!! Love the color of the hat...