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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Only Three More Months to Go.....

     Actually today is the last day in round three of T5.  But, that's one of the best movie lines ever, so hows that for a title.  (10 points to whomever knows where that line came from)  So first things first; on the Nerd Wars front.  I've completed four more challenges.  So say it with me now:  I am the Melter of Cubes!!!  I used two stash busting projects for the WIP challenge.  I do have a WIP that I'd like to complete, but I knew it would take longer than the time I had allotted, so that will be for another time.  I used one of the Tricolours in yellow and purple that I gave to Chad Jr. and I used the Pinwheel Petals that I made for T.T. upon request.  A WIP is a work in progress.  There is a WIP challenge in round 3 of every tournament.  Or I should say there has been so far, most people count on it now. 
     On to my other projects.  For the Nerd Culture:  Its the Outdoor Life For Me, I made Camp Out Fingerless Mitts.  I mentioned them in my last blog.  I had seen the pattern floating around Ravelry, once I saw the pair someone else had done in Lion Brand Amazing the pattern jumped into my queue.  It was the title of the challenge that practically forced me to knit them. 
I have mixed feelings about Amazing.  Its a blend of wool and acrylic with color variations that are supposed to mimic Noro.  I have worked with Noro and I like it.  Noro is one of those yarns that either people love or hate, there is no gray area.  Most people don't like Noro because of the rough texture.  I found that Amazing wasn't that soft, its also not really plied.  Its quite fuzzy and felts upon itself just from being knit up.  I had to do a provisional cast on for the top cuff and I had a bugger of a time getting the provisional cast on back out.  I cant say too much about the colors either.  They started out nice.  The mitt on the right is the first one.  The colors turn to mud, then come back out slightly at the start of the second mitt, then go back into mud.  There is part of the skein left over and its pretty muddy looking as well.  I got the two of the skeins on sale and I'm rather glad of that.  I would say, if one has not used Noro, or prefers not to pay the price of Noro then Amazing is a mediocre substitute.  BUT, if you don't mind Noro's texture or price then spring for the Noro, it is a better looking yarn in the long run.  Amazing advertises that its washable.  I've not washed these yet so I cant attest to that statement.  Based on the felting while knitting trait, I have to say I don't have alot of faith in the washability aspect.  As a side note, I didn't check gauge since I'm a stubborn moron and these don't even remotely fit me.  I think the look cute though.

     For the Intellectual Challenge:  A Word to the Wise I made the Drop Stitch Equiangular Cloth.  I used a quote from the episode I used as a tie in.  The episode Absolute Power is one of the best ones ever.  Shifu, Sha're's son comes to the SGC and teaches Daniel just how bad the Goa'uld knowledge he posses is.  Daniel builds satellite weapons and ends up going off his rocker, which for whatever reason makes him hotter, not sure why but evil Daniel is soooo great.  So the cloth is supposed to be a representation of the weapons satellites.
Its hard to see from the picture but the pattern is pretty nifty.  I plan to do this one again with some more colorful yarn.

     The last challenge was Giving Geeks:  You're the Inspiration.  For this one, we had to pick one of the previous GG challenges and choose to be inspired by one individual's submission.  I chose the very first GG challenge, Cold Hands Warm Heart.  I chose one of the people who made mittens that were donated to a school.  It worked out great since I've been wanting to do mittens for Norwood Norfolk Central School.  I only have 'til the end of September to do any more.  Here's the ones I submitted.
I used a pattern I've used before Warmest Mittens.  Its the pattern I used for my very first pair of mittens.  Its very simple and spelled out really clearly, I think.  It was a great first mitten pattern. 

     I've also finished my dissertation, as in my first socks!!!  Yes, they are done and they fit.  I'm really looking forward to cooler weather so I get a chance to wear them.  I really enjoyed the process of socks, so I see many more pairs in my future.  That means I should probably get myself some sock blockers.
     Tournament Five has been a great one for me.  I melted the cube all three rounds and I finished my first ever Dissertation.  Its been a personal best.  I most likely wont be able to keep up this momentum in the future but at least I can say I did it once.  I should get back to enjoying my vacation now.  I have a few projects I want to get done in the between time.  (T5 and T6)  I have some finishing to do on a few things and I've really been wanting to get that little cardigan Amiga done.  I really slowed down between tournaments last time and I think that helped.  Happy Crafting!

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