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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Catch-up

     So, its nearly the middle of the month, what have I been up to?  I've turned in two projects for Nerd Wars, felted an oven mitt, started the second sock on my first pair, made some more dishcloths, ditched a wedding and went to a baby shower...  I'm sure there's more.  So lets start with the Nerd Wars challenges.  The first one I handed in was for the Scientific challenge:  Light and Matter.  I made a Harmonic Mosaic Cloth
We were instructed to choose one of four phenomena:  reflection, refraction, diffraction, or dispersion.  I chose dispersion.  Dispersion happens when light passes through and object with an angle such as a prism.  So the waves of white in this pattern represents normal white light as we see it.  The background is a rainbow of color and represents light after it has passed through the prism and been broken into the full spectrum.  I used the prism that Dominic gives to Cassandra for her birthday in Rite of Passage as my tie in.
Here is my submission post for further details:  Light and Matter

     I just posted my second project, it was for the Geek Pride challenge:  Masters of the Universe.  For this challenge we needed to make a project for or in homage to one of the behind the scenes people who made our nerddom a possibility.  I chose Peter DeLuise.  He was a director on SG1, he was also a creative consultant, writer and producer.  He has a great sense of humor that comes through the episodes he directs.  He also put himself into many of the episodes he directed, most of the time without lines.  In Wormhole X-Treme, a fan favorite, he does have a speaking roll.  He is the obnoxious director who mostly yells at all the actors and crew.  That whole episode is an inside joke.  So, the episode itself really has an A story and a B story.  Martin Lloyd, the cookey alien we meet the season before is producing a show, Wormhole X-Treme that is a direct ripoff of the stargate program.  Col. O'Neill goes over to the studio with the cover of being the new Air Force creative consultant.  The real purpose is to talk to Martin and figure out whats going on.  In the mean time, the other aliens who came to earth with Marty are NID targets so Sam and Daniel are trying to get to them.  Sooooo, this is all leading up to my very favoritest shot ever.  Sam and Daniel follow one of the aliens to an apartment complex.  Its the opening shot to this scene and I really think it sums up Peter DeLuise to a tee:
The camera is already panning away, but you get the idea.  The action is in the background, but right in the foreground, front and center is huge cherub baby statue patooty!  I laugh so hard every time I watch this episode.  (I have a very juvenile sense of humor.)  So in homage of this shot I made a hat and booties for the poor naked cherub.  (Note that a hat and booties still will not adequately cover said poor naked cherub.) 

Here is the link to the submission post:  Geek Pride
     In real life these were for the aforementioned baby shower.  My cousin married a good friend I went to high school with about two years ago.  They are expecting their first child in about a month.  Apparently its a boy... (Longish story, people were told, my mother either forgot or wasn't told, so I didn't know it was a boy until the day before the baby shower.)  I made all the gift in gender neutral colors.  Its probably actually a good thing since most likely they will have more children.  Along with the hat, booties and gift card I also gave Jr. two wash cloths.  Two more Tricolour, this time in yellow and purple.  In hind sight, I probably should have chosen a lacier pattern since Tricolour is quite nubbly, this baby will stay very nicey exfoliated ;)

       I've finished the second Pinwheel Petals Cloth.

     I had the chance to felt the oven mitt yesterday.  I didn't felt it quite as much as the first one.  I probably should have started a second agitation cycle, or checked it during the first.  There is one little spot on the thumb that didn't get felted as much as the rest of it.  I'm guessing it folded on itself and stayed protected.  Overall I'm still pleased with it.  I don't have pictures yet of that.  I've also started the second sock of my dissertation socks.  I cant say enough how much fun it is to knit socks.  I said when I started knitting that I would never knit socks, or use wool for that matter.  My preconceptions are changing alot, who knows what I'll knit next....  Actually what I'll be knitting next are fingerless gloves.  They are going to be my TUP and for the Outdoor challenge, I think...  More to come on those.  Until later all.  Happy Crafting!

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