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Thursday, August 2, 2012

End of Round 2, More Dishcloths and oh yea, Melted the Cube Again!!!

     Okay so cube meltage may not need three exclamation points but I didn't think I was going to make this one.  I feel bad actually since Giving Geeks was the one that got me all six.  Giving Geeks for round two was a "pick me up" for someone I was supposed to know personally.  It so happened that a friend of mine failed a pretty important exam that really impacts both him and the rest of us.  I had made "celebratory" cake in the hopeful assumption that he had passed.  The cake turned out to be condolences cake and I took full advantage of his misfortune.... sorry, I'm a horrible person... 10 points for me, score?  I made Hawaiian Pineapple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  The original recipe can be found in the first Lowville Mennonite Cook Book (the blue one).  I tweak the frosting slightly, its my secret and I'm never telling, but I will reprint the original if anyone wants it.  Here's a terrible picture of how it turned out.  (I forgot to take a good one)
     I finished the knitting on my latest oven mitt.  I originally submitted it for partial credit since I hadn't gotten it felted yet.  I ended up getting full credit, since the knitting is all that really counts anyway.  That was a nice surprise.  I still haven't gotten the chance to felt it.  Mom was using her washing machine when we popped up over the weekend.  I may attempt to wet felt in the dryer so I can actually get it done and on to the recipient. 
Here she is all ready to go.  This one was for the Dirty Laundry challenge.  We needed to make something for or about a little known fun fact about a character.  Cameron Mitchell bakes and actually made cookies for Sam once, so the oven mitt is for him. 

     The last project was also my Team Unity Project.  This round we were to craft something for one of our baddies, since without the bad guys our good guys would have nothing to do. 
I made this rose for Adria, since she longs for Vala's affection and approval and this is something Vala would like.  I used it for the Cover Me challenge.  I used the cover of my favorite book of all time:  Spindle's End by Robin McKinley.
The rose is to mimic the flowers on the cover, I tied the cover into Stargate with the medieval castle.  In one of the episodes SG1 goes to a medieval Christian village on a planet where much superstitious mumbo jumbo takes place and SG1 eventually kills an Unas working for Sokar and frees the village.  Its not one of my favorite episodes, because of the overpowering religious overtones, but anyway still a good one. 

     I've been plugging away at my orders.  I have three done and a fourth cloth started on an order of six dishcloths.  I am nearly finished with another Pinwheel Petals Cloth.  We popped home over the weekend to deliver an order to my aunt.  They were a birthday gift from her daughter (my cousin).  I took up my stash of finished dishcloths and Aunt Isy picked out the three she liked best.  It worked out pretty good actually.  I made one specifically for her and that was one of the ones she picked, so I guess I can read people pretty well after all.  Well, its now my birthday!  I have fruit pizza to make.  Yes, I make my own birthday cake.  I'm "the baker" so it falls to me.  Lets face it, I'm fussy so I might as well make exactly what I want the way I like it, right?  Happy Crafting!

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