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Thursday, February 23, 2012

You May Now Call Me the Melter of Cubes!

     I never said I was normal.  So I melted the cube this round, oh yea.  Its my first time so I'm pretty excited.  "Melting the cube" is when someone completes all six challenges in a round.  I credit my cube meltage to the week of "vacation" I had.  So my last challenge submission was for Giving Geeks.  I donated 7 hats to St. Josephs Hospital Health Center.  They were all baby hats, so they'll be given to newborns. 

The two pink/yellow ones, the turquois and red and white striped one were what I had lying around.  The true blue, brown and purple/pink ones, I knit over the weekend.

The brown one is Baby Bear Newborn Hat, and I love it.  I nearly kept it for myself.  I dont have enough of that color to make another.  I do have more yarn, in a lighter brown.  The purplish one is just a basic hat.  I've done several if these now.  I used that hat in particular for my team tie in.  I had Daniel take it over to the Wells' with the teddy bear for baby Janet.  The true blue one is Aston.  I do like that one, but I didnt execute the pattern properly.  It turned out a bit small, but I think it will fit someone. 

Here's some better pics.  Also meet Jordan, the best son I'll ever have.

     Now, I'm really looking forward to March.  I have already found a pattern I might use for next round.  Although I may keep that one on the back burner for later, it calls for US1 needles.  Thoes are TINY.  Maybe that can be my dissertation next tourney.

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