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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Fun with Llama

     I've decided I should finish some of my WIP's (work in progress).  I'm starting with the Hermione mittens.  I only had the left one to go, so what was I waiting for?  A gently kick in the behind apparently.  I've raved about the Baby Llama before.  Its still wonderful to work with.  Its even Jack approved.  I laid down the knitting last night briefly.  I looked over at him and he had chewed and swallowed 6 inches already.  (Graphic testimony ahead)  I pulled the yarn out of his mouth, carefully of course.  It was quite sodden but not chewed through.  A testament to how strong llama and all natural fibers are.  I'm going to have to be more careful with Jack.  This habit can prove very dangerous.  He normally doesn't bother my yarns, but I've read that some natural fibers can be more enticing than others based on smell.  A big one is Alpaca.  Llama is actually very similar in construction to Alpaca, so it makes sense.  Okay picture time so y'all know which mittens I'm prattling on about.
     I submitted this one mitten for half credit in round 2 of T3.  My original plan was to finish the set in round three for the WIP challenge, but alas that didn't happen either.  I should have picked up on the fact Jack likes Llama based on this picture.  He wouldn't leave me alone when I was taking it, so he wound up in the pic.  At least he's got good taste.

     On to Nerd Wars.  Team Enterprise has decided to merge with what was formerly Team LuRV.  I will most likely not be playing on the new merged team next round.  I've wanted Team SGC since I began, so hopefully I'll make it next round.  I was debating not playing next round at all, but I would miss the motivation and challenge.  I found all the searching and linking to "my" nerddom rather fun.  I never would have ventured into garment knitting if it wasn't for NW and I never would have read six pages about Calcium Oxalate if it wasn't for NW.  I wish good luck to Team Star Alliance/Space Rebels/Borg Continuum... whatever you guys pick for a name.  

     Back to Jack's Llama mittens!    

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