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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

     So apparently its 2012.  So much for keeping up with the blog.  December was crazy and it felt like one week not four.  I spent the first two weeks of December frantically finishing up my 60 dishcloth order.  Okay it wasn't really that frantic.  I then spent the next week finishing up the other few obligations I had to two other clients.  So here are the fruits of December's labor.

There they are all 60.  There variegated ones went over the best, from what I was told.  People were fighting over them.  Yea!

A Jayne Cobb hat.  I will never tire of these.  They're so fun and pretty easy.  I'm hoping to get some better pictures with the recipient.

     I don't have pictures of the potholder I made for my brother.  It's super ugly so it may be better I didn't take pictures.  I also need to get pics of the other dishcloths I made.  I see dishcloths in my sleep.  I will never be done knitting them, someone always wants some, and they're super portable.

     So, now that its 2012 and I'm lacking on orders, for the most part.  What am I doing with all my time?   Nerd Wars is over for now.  T3 finished Dec. 31 and I contributed nada.  I feel bad about that.  December and Nerd Wars doesn't mix well for me.  I'm thinking of starting the Jerod Flood hat I've been putting off.  My Hermione hat is kind of drafty in the really cold weather.  (Its in the single digits today)  I'm working on something for a wedding thats coming up, but she is one of my readers so I cant divulge much yet.  I was going to finish the shrug I started back in May, for the WIP challenge, but T3 is over.  The Holiday party is Saturday and I dont think I can get it done in four days.  So, hat it is! 

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