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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Progress and a Cold

     There is a cold working its way through the members of our household, yes all two of us.  It took a few days for me to catch it, I thought I was in the clear, then my throat started burning Wednesday evening.  I pulled through the week, but I back out of working tomorrow night shift.  (The fever and cold sweats are supposed to be hitting me about then, if I stay "on schedule.)  Okay enough icky talk of being sick.  I've completed some more items!

     I finished the scarf for my Mother.  Turns out I didn't need the buttons since its adequately long.  The pattern called for 200 yards, but 200 yards gives one a whole scarf.  I used the pattern Another Scarflet!, which is no longer available.  I downloaded the pdf to my computer when I first found the pattern.  It's written out a bit on the vague side and I missed some of the directions.  It also claims that only two repeats of the lace patterned rows will yield a scaflet.  Unless my gauge was really really off this wasn't true for me or the other people who made the scarf.  I'm overall pretty pleased with the outcome though. 
I used Madelinetosh Pashmina in the colorway Foxglove.  This is the yarn Mom "picked" out.  I showed you all while it was still in the skein.  It looks so different knit up.  I did have to block this and it wound up pretty wide.  I think that will be a good thing though since this yarn is so soft and drapy, its going to scrunch around the neck.  I think it will be long enough for her to wrap around once.  We'll find out when I present it to her.  I really hope she likes it.  I have to admit I'm a bit nervous about this one.  Other than dishcloths I've never made her anything really nice, so I hope this falls under the really nice category.

     On to my next project.  I've made another Whitecaps Hat.  One of my cousins saw the first one on Facebook and asked if I would make one for her too.  I still had over half the skein of Caron Simply Soft, so I said yes.  I think I could get one more hat out of that skein, so if anyone else wants one, let me know.  I love this pattern!
It looks exactly like the other one, I know, same yarn and pattern will do that.  I used this hat along with the baby hat to fulfill the Flexible Schedule challenge. I used the aforementioned scarf for the Nerd's Dream Date challenge.  For that one, we needed to take a character from a different nerdery out on a date choosing one of his/her favorite foods.  I took Kaylee, from Firefly, out for strawberries.  I thought the pink and green in the colorway resembled berries and leaves.  I used this scarf as my Team Unity Project as well.  This round we are honoring the "spear carriers" of Stargate.  I chose Katie Brown the botanist from Atlantis.  Since the colorway of the Pashmina is Foxglove, which is a flower, I thought immediately of Katie.  So this scarf was a gift from Rodney to Katie. 

     I have only one more challenge to craft for, but since I'm running out of February I thought I should start my Dissertation.  This tournament I'm making a sweater again.  This time though I'm combining two different patterns and making modifications to the parts I am using from the second pattern.  I'm making Cables and Garter Cardi.  Since this pattern only comes in one size I'm using the yoke from February Lady Sweater which has sizing.  I'll be going into more detail of my modifications of the cable portions once I get to them.  I'm going to be changing the cables in the sweater, but I'm following cables done by another Raveler.  The original chart for the cardi only showed right side rows, so I'm hoping to make charts of my own with both sides and the new cables.  I just need to learn how to use Excel.  I've found some tutorials on the web, I just need to go read them.  Until later, Happy Crafting! 

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