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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Off and Running... I Mean Knitting

     I've now completed three projects and submitted to one challenge.  I think I've figured out what I'm doing for Giving Geeks as well, which will not involve crafting.  So onto pictures.

I made a hat in answer to the Simple Machines challenge.  I used Lion Brand Tweed Stripes and the pattern Chunky Dean Street Hat.  This pattern is also available in a worsted weigt version.  I've used the Tweed Stripes before, its 100% acrylic.  Its not horrible but I prefer some wool mixed in there.  The tweed effect is accomplished from the two plys being slightly different colors.  I found the yarn slightly splitty due to this feature.  Its difficult to see the stitch detail in this picture, but the twists aren't cables.  When knitting the Right Front Cross row, one inserts the needle into the third stitch in and knits that, leaves it on the needle and then knits the two in front still on the left needle.  That's where the twist comes from and its a really nifty effect.  This is where I noticed the splitting from the yarn.  Its a tricky stitch though for any yarn to pull off.  This was a request from one of my co-workers.  She wanted a hat to match a scarf she got from me previously.  I wouldn't have gotten more of this yarn otherwise.  I chose the "cable" pattern since the scarf was Rambling.  Rambling was my first cable project way back in the day.  I don't know if I ever blogged about that...
I think the tweed color of the yarn overpowers the cables, but it was a really great pattern to start out with.  Its a completely random thing.  The pattern is by Susan B Anthony, she explains who to do the cable stitches then where to put them is up to you, so every scarf will be totally unique.  I should make some more, it such a great concept.

Okay back to Nerd Wars.  The second project I've completed is only half of a challenge.  The Flexible Schedule challenge requires two projects to get full points.  Its designed to be a WIP challenge, but if we don't have WIPs we can submit new projects.  So I made a hat to go with the little mitts I made last tournament.
I used Lion Brand Amazing (which I personally don't think is all that amazing).  That pattern is 'Lil Nightowl.  Its written for DK weight but I found modifications for worsted weight.  I think it came out narrow and long, I would increase the cast on number if I was to do this again in the future.  The hat and the mitts went to the recipient this past Sunday.

I finished the knitting on a third project last night but I don't have pictures uploaded yet.  Its the scarf for my Mom from the MadelineTosh Pashmina.  It needs to be blocked before I can call it totally done.  So many pictures of that will follow.  

I still haven't submitted my dissertation proposal.  All the modifications I plan to do are throwing me off I guess.  I want to do it with the modifications, but I don't want to go through the effort of figuring it all out.  I think what I'm going to do is use one of those websites and make a chart for the cabled portion since the existing chart isn't that great from what I've read.  Proposals are due on the 14th which is yes, two days from now.  I need to do my swatch and get my proposal in, I can worry about the modifications later.  I really want to do the sweater and if I don't have the motivation of Nerd Wars it will probably never get done.

I have volunteered to be the Team Blogger this tournament.  I'm still waiting for my password to access the Blog on the official NW website.  Its powered by Wordpress which I'm not familiar with in the least.  Lets face it, I still have no clue how to really use Blogger...  I hope to do a recap of projects soon.  I will say that one of our newbs has submitted several projects already, go newbs!  That's it for now.  Must go swatch!  Happy Crafting!

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