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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dishcloths and Baby Things

     So in the last month I've finished my training and transitioned from day shift to evenings and now onto nights.  It's only been two weeks, but the whole "day walker" thing came back pretty quickly.  I haven't gotten a whole lot of knitting done, but on the upside I can knit at work again!  That has helped with motivation and the therapy at work is a plus too.  So onto my latest projects.

     There were more dishcloths in the off-time between Nerdopolis tournaments.  In no particular order:
Revenge of The Dishrag
This one is interesting and I think I might do another one eventually.  I may change the increases and decreases along the edge.  I like that its got a sort of vintage quality about it. 
Bee Stitch Dishcloth
This whole cloth is bee stitch.  While interesting, this is not one I'll ever do again.  Only because its tedious and I don't particularly like the look the texture imparts.  Just a personal opinion.
Optical Illusion Cloth
This cloth winds up a bit large, but exceptionally awesome!  I really enjoyed the finished product.  Picking up the stitches to start the next wedge was the only crappy part of this one.
Tricolour Dishcloth
This is probably my all time favorite dishcloth pattern, which is why I've made even more in my favorite color combo.  I made these larger too, since at my typical gauge this pattern comes out a tad small.  I cast on 43 stitches for these two cloths.

Baby Sophisticate
I made this with the Mal Rios in Sunset I picked up Memorial Day weekend, last year.  This is one of my most favorite Mal colors.  Its so bright and happy.  I used buttons from my grandmother's button stash.  I attempted to make it a bit larger, but didn't really think it out as much as I could have.  The little boy this is destined for is due in late July so in theory it should fit him this fall once the weather cools off.  The upside of living in the North Country is fall starts here in September.  This has already been gifted and Maria was vary happy with it. 

     I have one more completed project, but I haven't taken pictures yet.  We've been getting lots of rain.  We got one heck of a thunderstorm the night before last with over three inches of rain.  That's one upside of working overnights on the sixth floor.  I had a great view of that storm.  So the short of that story is that there hasn't been good sunlight for pictures as of late.  I'm also making a pair of mittens to go with the hat so I'll just get pictures of them both at the same time.  I want to turn both of them in to Nerdopolis so its motivation to get the mittens done.  I need to do that since there are only a few days left in this round.  Off to do that now. 

Until later.  Happy Crafting!

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