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Friday, April 10, 2015

Mad Geek, Liberty and Dishcloths

     I'm going to dive right in with this one.  I got the third and final installment in the Mad Geek Tour; Where No Color Has Gone Before.
This month it was four mini skeins of Doolally in Command Gold, Science Blue, Expendable, I mean, Engineering/Security Red and good old black.  All the renditions of the uniforms had black somewhere, boots, trousers or basically the whole uniform into the later seasons...  Which coincidently are my favorite of all the uniforms.  Alrighty... off topic.  This bundle is called To Go Boldy.  Since they came as a bundle I think I need to do something fair isle with them, maybe a hat...  Since this was the end of the tour I also received the Jessalu bag.  It is awesome, as I expected it to be.
It of course follows the Trek theme.  I love the caricature nature of the little people.  I immediately turned it all over looking at them and figuring out who all is represented.  Riker, Data, Picard, Troi, Quark, the Borg Queen, Locutis, Tuvok, Phlox, Archer, LaForge, Spock  Sisko, Jayneway (with coffee), Worf, Uhura and a Gorn are the ones I can see and match up.  I haven't found Kirk yet, but I may not be looking hard enough.  The inside of this bag is really great too.  It is coordinating!
     I also ordered some yarn from Webs.  Not being close to yarn shops is making me antsy.  Still not having convenient access to my yarn is also aggravating.  I moved around a few things so I could get to them, then my husband moved things again and now I cant find any of my needles.  The box with all my printed patterns, all my needles, I seriously mean all of them (straights, DPNs, interchangeable, crochet hooks...)  It's in one of the closets.  I just don't know which one and there is crap in front now.  I cant find me sneakers either, but that wont be too big a deal until it actually stops hovering around freezing every other day here... but I digress... new yarn that I cant actually knit yet: 

I took advantage of a 40th anniversary sale on the Liberty Wool Light.  I purchased the pattern Turnstile, which is a colorblock/striped infinity scarf.  Its knit in the round and then grafted.  I liked the other projects that were a neutral paired with two tones of the same color.  I like the way the striping blended the colors into a subtle transition.  So I picked out these three colors which are from the top; Mallard, Dusty Teal and Bleach.  I'm looking forward to starting this project.  With it trying to be spring outside, I wont wear the scarf much this season, but I should have it ready for this fall.  I've used the worsted version of Liberty Wool and it is amazingly soft and squishy.  It washes well too. 

     On to knitting projects.  Since I've been limited on yarn access and needle availability I went on a bit of a dishcloth craze.  Not that that's a bad thing.  I've been wanting to restock my "pile" of dishcloths and they're quick mindless projects.  I found a new round pattern and went to town:
The pattern is:  The Almost Lost WashclothEach point is a wedge, so its easy to memorize and quite quick.  The center winds up large, so ringing it up was trickier than some of the other round cloth patterns I've done.  I really like them though.  They turn out to be the perfect size, in my opinion.  All but the yellow one is made from "real" Elmore Pisgah Peaches and Cream cotton.  I stock piled quite a bit of it back when they went out of business.  This pile of cloths doesn't even put a dent in it...  I used the top ones for a Nerdopolis challenge.  

I made these for Team Unity which was in honor of Leonard Nimoy's life and his portrayal of Spock.  I've made many, many of these but in my pre-Ravelry days.  (I shudder to think of that dark unenlightened time in my life.) The pattern is:  Baby Trekkie Washcloth.  This was also "real" Peaches and Cream.  

I tried out a new bib pattern, with more "real" P&C cotton.  I like the way it turned out.
The argyle pooling was not planned and I'm pretty tickled by it.  I think it looks great, especially on a bib.  This is a great little pattern, again quick and easy.  Easy Stay-On Bib.  The name of the pattern pretty much says it all. 

Last but not least... yes another dishcloth...
I've made this one before, but with all solid colors.  The pattern shows up better when its all solids, but I have way more variegated colors.  The Winterberry and Light Blue section is muddled because the blue in the Winterberry matches too much.  Up top the yellow and the floral bouquet work better.  The pattern is:  Linoleum Dishcloth.  It is written out well and is easier than it looks.  It's just slipped stitches that make the color patterns.  The cloth turns out to be a good size too.  I use my first one constantly.  

     That's it for new FO's.  Hopefully I'll find my big box o' Needles and all the stuff I need to knit things with...  I need to get cracking on the new Nerdopolis challenges!  Until later.  Happy Crafting!!!

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