Join me as I share my crafty journey with you. I continue to expand my repertoire of hobbies. I knit, sew, crochet, bead and probably most importantly am a lover of science fiction. Occasionally I even pick up a book. I play Nerd Wars for Team Stargate Command which consumes most of my time.

Monday, February 2, 2015


     So, I've been a bit quiet here.  It's because hubs and I moved.  We are now residing in Watertown, NY.  We have both gotten new jobs and found ourselves a nice quiet apartment just a few miles off the beaten path.  Packing up all of our things and moving them up here has taken up all my time for the last two weeks.  Upstate asked me to stay as long as I could feasibly.  So last week I commuted back and forth to Syracuse.  I like to drive, I don't mind being in a car for lengthy amounts of time.  However, two hours a day is not fun.  My last day was yesterday and we had one doozy of a storm system come in fast at night.  I made it back to Watertown okay, but wowee it was a bit rough in a couple places.  I'm really glad the commute is over.  Hubs has been wonderful and gotten our new apartment all unpacked and in order.  He made it a home in just a few days!  We're still working out all the logistics of updating our address with everyone important.  All of my yarn and needles are still packed up.  I haven't had time to get that stuff in order yet.  Now that I'm done with Upstate and have a week off before I start with Samaritan I hope to get that put in order.  I haven't done any knitting for about three weeks now and I'm getting antsy.  
     I've joined Team Space Alliance for Nerdopolis, which is very very similar to what Nerd Wars used to be.  The challenges are all up and I cant get to my yarn... ahhh.  I'll be changing that this week.  
     We're using this week off as a vacation of sorts.  The weather is supposed to be nice in the next couple of days, so we're going to be doing some snowmobiling.  I'll be going to sewing circle tomorrow to tie some quilts.  I'll have some more updates once I get back to knitting.  Until later.

Happy Crafting!

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