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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

     Before I get into looking back at 2014 and my knitoultions from last year; it's time to catch up on my last two projects.  I finished and blocked the hat I made from the Bamtastic yarn. 
The pattern is Caramel Slouch.  It's a Tincanknits pattern.  They put out some amazing hat patterns.  The recommended yarn is wool based which makes the pattern hold its shape better.  The Bamtastic is 60% bamboo which makes it extremely drapey and loose.  I probably should have knit it at a slightly tighter gauge.  I have not delivered this to the customer yet, so I'm a bit worried she wont like it.  It's quite a bit more open than my usual stockinette.  I would like to knit up the pattern again with a high wool content yarn just to see the difference in fabric. 

     I also finished the second, adult sized, Sassafras for Christina.  I used MadTosh DK in the Chickory colorway. 

The weather got quite cold this week and Christina has worn it a couple times already.  (Which of course tickles me pink.)  It took me a bit to finally go with a matching button for this hat.  In the end I thought it looked the best with the color of the hat. 
     I started another hat; another Jayne Hat, on the 27th, but its not finished yet so Christina's Sassafras was my last FO for 2014.  
     So at the start of each new year I like to look back at what I've accomplished.  Here were my goals from last year:  
-More color-work.  I only checked Faire Isle off my list, there is still Intarsia and duplicate stitch. 
-Also more lace.  I see now why people refer to it as being bitten by the lace bug.  It is truly addicting.  I enjoy making shawls.  I have tons more patterns queued and I have some more yarn ready and waiting.  I think what I enjoy most, is beaded shawls.  Since I stated beading with the Jeweled Cowls, I now add beads to anything I can manage. 
-More spinning, good spinning.
-More dyeing and knit up what has already been dyed. 
-Publish my first pattern.
-Possibly open up my own Etsy shop.  I want to get my available FOs out there and make a little money. 
-More sweaters or other large projects.
-I think this is at the bottom of every year's list.  Finish up those WIPs.
Looks like the only one I accomplished was the lace and although it wasn't a sweater, the last shawl I finished was a pretty large project.  In total I finished 26 projects.  One of which was a longtime WIP.  I finished 7 shawls:
7 hats, 2 scarves, 4 washcloths and 3 baby sweaters.  Not including the four washcloths and the potholder I've knit approximately 5680.2 yards of yarn this year.  I wish I would have kept track of the number of beads I put into my projects; I'd love to know how many beads I've beaded this past year.  
     I suppose I should have some goals for this year.  Since there were quite a few I didn't get to last year, I think I'll just keep them for this year.  Spinning, dying, publishing, selling and I'll tack on more sewing, since I've added that to my crafty repertoire. 
     Apparently my uncle asked me to make him some mittens several years ago and I forgot.  He now possesses a blackmail video of me promising to make him some mittens.  (I have a unique family.)  So as soon as I finish the Jayne hat I have mittens to make.  BUT the joke is on Uncle Wes since he never specified what kind of mittens, the color, the size or how many fingers.... mwaa ha ha!  
     I have some plans for my next few project.  I really want to get to that colorwork hat with the kitties.  I have more shawls to make for former co-workers and I bought five packages of half priced Christmas ornaments to decorate.  So I'll be using up some leftovers, which is always a plus.  I have a feeling 2015 is going to be the year of life changes.  I hope so anyway.  Until later.  Happy Crafting!


  1. Good list! I still have several WIPs, but saving to list all of those with my YOP list on Sunday...did cast on my first project for a KAL....

    1. I've been very tempted to cast on several projects, but I really try to finish one thing before starting another. It keeps me saner.