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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stash Enhancement

     I partook in some cold sheeping this year for the purposes of conserving my craft space and with the hopes of saving up some funds.  Sadly, the Hubbs and I suck at saving money and well, I really like yarn.  So, for at least a little bit here, I'm off my self proclaimed fiber diet.  When I was perusing my stash the other day I realized I've been remiss in sharing my most recent acquisitions.  Back in April I decided to sign up for Expression Fiber Arts April club.  She gives out the theme or an inspiration photo but the yarn is a surprise when it comes in the mail.  Candi called this one Happiness, it's 100% silk in worsted weight.

I talked about the shearing festival in May and the yarn and fiber I acquired from that.  Also in May, some Malabrigo Rios in the Sunset colorway found its way home with me.  I think they had been buried in the shop for quite a long time.
This photo doesn't do this colorway justice.  Its very golden and warm.  They have the old style labels which is why I think they waited for me for a long time.  I want to do something special with these. 
     I picked up a kit made especially for the Jeweled Cowl class I was supposed to be teaching back in May.  (The dates didn't work out for people and I've been too lazy to schedule another class.)  The yarn is Holiday Yarn Skinny Ewe.  Jennifer is local and I'm using some of her other yarn to make a shawl now.  I wish I knew where she got the beads from because they're perty!
The colorway is Aqua-Marina.  Since I expected to knit with this soon after I bought it I wound it immediately.  It was the easiest cake I've ever wound.  No tangles, no knots ah, it was yarn winding nirvana.  (Its the little things for us knitters sometimes.)
     From June 'til about last week I was cold sheeping, well except for this one skein...  I bought it originally for the Team Stargate Swap.  I was going to make something for my swappee, a shawl was my thinking.  Therefor the purchase was justified.
It is Prism Lace Wool in the Sky colorway.  It's 1460 yards!  I thought that was pretty sweet.  Because I'm the queen of procrastination I didn't get around the that shawl and wound up going with plan C for that swap.  Now its mine... all mine... Well, I think it will still be a shawl someday and I should make that plural since there is so much yardage. 
     So now we're up to this month chronologically.  I received yarn in my swap package.
It is Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud which is a laceweight yarn.  It is mostly black with very subtle turquoise blended in it as well.  It's very pretty.  I've been wanting to knit up some shawls for a select few of my former co-workers.  I'm working on one now and I have two more that I really want to get done before Chirstmas this year.  So with recipient #2 in mind I went shopping and came back with this:
This is not a great picture, the fall weather has been dismal the last week or so.  It is Malabrigo Sock in the Arbol colorway.  I was looking at some other yarns while I was there but everything else is way more expensive for less yardage.  There is a reason I love Mal, not just for the irresistible colors but for the value as well.  In real life there is a bit more green.  It sort of reminds me of copper that's starting to patina.  The pattern I've picked out for this is a Boo Knits and its beaded.  I got this and another skein at Sheep Thrills! Yarn Company.  They relocated, oh five or so months ago, while I was cold sheeping and I finally got over there to see the new location.  It's very nice, better parking, a bigger more open space.  Of course I didn't know where anything was anymore, but I still found what I was looking for easily.  The space may not actually be bigger but it feels bigger and it is more open.  So while I was there on a mission this caught my eye: 
It is Malabrigo Lace in the Sunset colorway.  I really like this color and again you cant beat the yardage for the price. 
     That sums up the yarn purchases.  I've been plugging along on the Lilac Wish Lace Shawl and I've run myself out of yarn a few rows short.  I'm going to see if I can track down some more of the Lavender Buds colorway.  I've also been working on some baby gifts for some co-workers.  I'll have more on those few projects later.  Some button sewing and blocking needs to happen.  Until later.  Happy Crafting!


  1. Malabrigo...yes..I love it...love that golden color! I've also become a big fan of Madtosh...I absolutely adore some of her colorways...

    I'll be seeing Jennifer on Saturday at NEFF...she gave a dying demo at Stitches..it was pretty interesting..

    1. I've met Jennifer a couple times, she's really nice and her yarn is gorgeous.