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Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Plethora of Bags

     So last time I promised pictures of the sewing I've been doing.  Here goes: 
 This isn't even all of them.  I've made two more since I took pictures.  One of the new bags is for a swap, so pictures will come later, but I really love the fabric I found for that one.  The other bag that's not pictured here is a duplicate of the blue floral one in the middle there.  I had to fudge the dimensions on those two bags since the blue and purple batik I was using was on the small side.  Here is the pattern/tutorial I've been using:  In Color Order; Bag Tutorial.  I've been sharing it every chance I get.  Its' a really great tutorial, its relatively easy and the bags turn out pretty darn nice, if you ask me.  The designer is also local to me.  

Here is a shot of the insides of these bags:
I've been having far too much fun choosing fabric combinations.  I have found that I prefer to use cotton cord for the drawstrings.  It's easier than making fabric ones and the cords slide better.  I wish I could find a little bit better selection of colors.  I need to go back to the craft store when it's not quite so busy.  Yesterday was a bit nuts and there was a sale on all the cord and lace so the area was rather picked through.  I did find that I can get the cord I like by the spool, but again that area was picked through and all I could find was black and "Finding Nemo".  Yes, I picked up the Nemo cord, I couldn't resist, it was turquoise and the Nemos are small, so I think it will be subtle and fun.  I should probably try to find some fishy fabric now to make some bags that are all matchy.  I also did some fabric perusing.  They had some really nice looking prints in the sale section, but I wasn't there for fabric so I held back.  Well, until I got over the where the fat quarters were kept, which were also on sale.  I made it a point to pick out some coordinating fabric for once, which was really fun.  I cant wait to sew up some more bags with my new fabrics. 
     I also sewed up a different style bag last night.  But again, its for the swap, so no spoiling until the package is sent.  I have one more thing I want to sew for that.  Hopefully I'll have enough fabric left to make that thing sort of coordinate as well.
     About a month ago, when my in-laws were out for their annual visit my MIL gave me her serger.  She doesn't sew like she used to and thought that I would get more use out of it.  I've never used a serger before.  (My Mom just got one a year ago.)  I've watched the how-to video that came with it a couple times now, but I think I want my mom around to help me right at first.  It's so much more complicated than a sewing machine.  I'm still just getting comfortable with that.  I do have a pair of jeans that need to be hemmed up, so that's probably a good first project for the serger.  We'll see.    
Until later.  Happy Crafting!

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