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Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's Not Too Late, It's Never Too Late.

     I finally finished my T9 Dissertation last weekend.  I wove in the ends and took some pretty darn good pictures.  I boxed the shawl up nice and my mother passed on the gift to my grandmother on Tuesday.  I received an very nice thank you note in the mail yesterday, so I know she is already using and enjoying the shawl.  Yea!  Okay, so on to the pictures:


     I wasn't able to finish this during the tournament so I used the "in-between" times to get it completed.  The pattern is Lacy Zig Zag Shawl, the yarn is Patons Lace in the colorway Porcelain.  It has a pretty high acrylic content, but its soft and will be easy for Grandma to care for. 
     Tournament 10 has started.  I think I have all the challenges planned for.  I started my third Cassis Shawlette.  This is for me, finally.  I'm adding beads to this one.  Lots of beads in any place I can put them.  I've run out already, actually.  But I just ordered some more.  

     I've done a hat for the Modal challenge but I don't have the ends woven in yet.   I used some of the yarn I solar dyed over the summer.  I got some swirled pooling during the knitting process.  I might block the hat to open up the lace or maybe not since it will open up when its worn.  I have a recipient picked out for it, but I cant say to much until I mail it out.  

     The new job is going well.  There are enough similarities that I'm feeling comfortable already, mostly.  I still have a few months to go, there is so much to learn.  The only down side is I'm working days and by the time I get home each day the light is gone already.  I need to get pictures of several items and clean my craft room.  There is no space left on my table and its spilled over to my roller cart in the living room.  Right now I keep the left overs of skeins in my large "nice yarn" tote.  What I want to do is bag up all the new left overs and keep all of them in a smaller tote designated just for left overs.  That will hopefully allow me to keep the larger tote a bit more organized.  If that doesn't help I was thinking changing over to small totes and then organizing the yarn by weight...  I'm not really sure what would work best.  I am attempting to cold sheep to a certain extent since I do have a pretty good stash with no real space to get more.  Alright that's all pretty boring for people who cant actually see my crazy craft space, so that's it for now.

     I'm not doing a dissertation this round.  I ran out of time to take pictures of my swatch and post the proposal (read terrible procrastination.)  I'll be using what I started either for this round or as a WIP sometime later in the tourney.  It's a nice modern shaped baby blanket for a friend.  Its also a good stash buster so I'm looking forward to this project.  Until Later, Happy Crafting!

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