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Monday, January 27, 2014

In-Between Times

     That title doesn't just refer to Nerd Wars.  I'm between two jobs right now.  I've left Laboratory Alliance, after almost 10 years.  I'll be starting with Upstate Medical University this coming Thursday.  I have a total of five days off, so now I get to mull over all my decisions.  I was really excited for all this, now I'm a bit apprehensive.  I'm leaving behind some truly amazing friends and great colleagues.  I know I'll make new friends and find new mentors at Upstate and I really couldn't turn down the money, its just a really big change.  It feels strange not to be at work today.  My new job is salary and wont allow any overtime.  At this point I'm really, really looking forward to that.  With the recent staffing crisis, we've been scheduled to show up at nearly any time of the day.  They stopped asking a long time ago and I was getting fed up with the attitude of management that 1) our lives should revolve around that place and 2) we should be lucky to be employed.  Don't get me wrong, in this economy, I do feel lucky to be employed, but I don't like to get that thrown in my face and or told we're all replaceable.  I wont rant anymore about that place, its in my past now.  Ultimately this is what I'm taking away from the changes; I'll have more money to buy yarn and more time to knit!

     I haven't been knitting the last few days since T10 will be starting soon.  I was working on a scarf, but the yarn and the pattern aren't working well together.  I'll be going in a different direction with the yarn and picking a different yarn for that pattern.  The yarn is Shibui Knits Silk Cloud, its mohair and silk and its like knitting with a baby kitten.  I was given the book, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, on my last day and there is a great lace scarf pattern in there.  Or I found a beaded lace scarf pattern last night, either one would be great.  I may just flip a coin.  

     I have pictures of the Madelinetosh Chunky I picked up a few weeks ago:
The colorway is Jasper.  It reminds me of evergreen trees.  I think its going to be a scarf, maybe...   

I did complete a scarf last weekend.  I finally caved and picked up a skein of that ribbon/ruffle yarn.  It knits up fast.  That's the only positive thing I can say about it.  I used Red Heart Boutique Ribbons and made this:
It turned out okay, but I still hate the concept.  It's not really knit because it's not really yarn.  The ribbon in particular isn't even a skein.  It comes folded up and tied together so before beginning it needs to be rolled onto something so it doesn't become a tangled mess.  My batch had a knot in it.  I still haven't figured out how to weave in the ends.  The ribbon snags, the stitches are impossible to pick up if dropped....  basically its horrible in my opinion... but people go bonkers for the stuff... so I made one.  I'm thinking of trying Sashay just to see if it's any less annoying to work with.  I guess there are reasons I don't normally jump on the bandwagon. 

     I did get a few pictures of my grandmother's shawl but they are still on my camera and I'm too lazy to go get it and download them.  I need to weave in the ends and box it up.  I'm hoping to give it to her this weekend.  I'll make sure to take good pictures before doing so.  That's it for right now.  I'm thinking of cranking out a few dishcloths in the next couple days, or starting to write up the pattern for Jack's Knucks.  I need something to do for the next three days, other than watching Star Trek Voyager that is...  Until Later, Happy Crafting! 

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