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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Short Update

     I'm limited on time, so I'll do a quick update on what I've been up to.  The short answer is not much.  I finished up a dishcloth order, which is what I had been working on at home.  I couldn't decide which project to start after that so between startitis and work getting in the way...  Not much happening on the home front.  On the upside, I now have everything in place to start one of three projects, I just need to choose and dooo eeeettt.  

     So I mentioned in my last post I'd be picking up something nice for my mother.  That has been done and I have pictures.  I got buttons that day too.  I was going to start that project, but I have some requests in the queue, so to speak, and I figured a scarfette would make a really good Nerd Wars project.  So this one is on the back burner for now.  (Not too far back though since I really want to work with this amazing yarn.)
If I could sum my mother's color tastes up in one skein of yarn, this is it.  (She did pick it after all.)  Pink and green, a cream background and some gray for interest.  She is very simple but classic in her tastes.  I really just want to surprise her with the FO, I think she'll really enjoy it.  I've told her I'm making her something but I didn't give her any details, so shooosh everyone I want to keep it a surprise. 
     As I said, I finished up a dishcloth order.  I made simple Grandma's favorites and one fun one.  (The request was for square dishcloths.)

This pattern is:  Checker Square Garter Dishcloth. It ends up ginormous but pretty nifty looking when done.  The pattern repeat is over 12 stitches, so next time I'm going to do a 38 or 39 stitch cast on. (Cant remember the numbers off the top of my head just now.)  This cloth actually went to a totally different person in the end... which is another story.

     I've been plugging away at the cuffs for my aunt.  I've been working on them only at work, which winds up being 15 to 20 minutes a day.  I did just finish the mohair portion on the first mitt today.  I don't have pictures but they are turning out nicely.  I love the Extrafine Heathers, sooooo soft.  I've also taken some pictures of my stash and did a complete re-organize of the big blue "nice yarn" bin.  It was getting too full.  (Which is a good thing.)  So, I went through my "crappy acrylic" bin and have decided to get rid of some of my first yarns.  RHSS, Caron SS and some monstrosity Patons put out.  Oh, and vile vile Homespun (Lion Brand).  I am keeping all the red and green RHSS and various other red, green and white acrylics for Christmas ornaments and Lion Brand Hometown USA, 'cause that's actually nice acrylic.  At this point I'm also keeping the Fun Fur...  not entirely sure why.  I also have some left overs from my two Jayne Hats.  Love them!  With that other yarn out of the way, I was able to spread out the nice yarns in the large bin.  They are organized roughly by weight again and are only a layer or two deep so I can actually find what I'm looking for!  I also didn't realize that I had acquired as many nice yarns as I do now have.  The battery in my camera died so I haven't gotten around to uploading the pictures yet.  (That's also why the dishcloth picture is a crappy cell phone picture.)  So as I said not much news here, just rambling...  Until later, Happy Crafting.
 I'll leave you with a pretty picture of buttons.

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