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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Playing Catch-up

     I was looking through a couple of my older blogs and realized that I glossed right over a couple projects.  I felted that oven mitt back at the beginning of June.  My Husbands grandmother passed away at the very end of May, the funeral was June 4th, the day before our 8th anniversary.  We traveled home the day before the funeral, it was in that time that I was able to felt the oven mitt.  I put it in with three towels and put the washing machine on the hottest setting.  I tried not to peak every five seconds but since it was my first felting experience I was a bit nervous.  The oven mitt sank to the bottom, under the towels, so I couldn't really check it, so I let it go for one complete agitation cycle.  Once I heard the basin refilling I dug the mitt from the bottom of the washer to see.  I couldn't believe how much it had changed in just a few minutes of agitation.  The pattern stated that no stitch definition should remain so I sent in for another agitation round, since I could still make out the stitches.  I also tried it on to make sure it wasn't too small already.  The second cycle didn't shrink it much more so I stopped after the second cycle.  After that I just let it air dry instead of blocking it like I should have.  Its still quite pointy at the top, which is why I think it needs some blocking.  It fits both myself and my husband which was the intention.  The hubbs made the comment that if I did that with a pair of gloves he would actually wear them.  He really likes the dense fabric.  All in all I found it to be a fun and educational experience.  I have enough yarn left over to do another one, which was the original intention since I have a co-worker who asked me to make him one.  (I have alot of orders right now and I'm trying to fit them into Nerd Wars.)  So pictures:
There's Before which you have seen already.  Here is After:
I used the same spool of tape to show the size difference.  I'm not 100% sold on the stripe I put in but it beaks up the colors a bit I guess.  I really like the fact that felting stops stockinette from rolling. 

     I've been doing alot of dishcloths lately.  I took my pile to work to sell and I think I wound up with more orders to make more than what I sold.  I'm not complaining, I just have to figure out when to make all this.  I was churning them out pretty nicely, then I got a pinched nerve in my right shoulder.  That took me out of the knitting game for a little over a week.  I'm back to it now, but I have to be careful.  I got one order done before the shoulder problem.  My boss wanted four cloths.  I made her two Elvish Leaves, a Crocus and Lily.  I've shown Elvish Leaves and Crocus before, so I'll show you how Lily turned out:
I really liked this pattern.  I used some of the "new" Peaches and Cream Scents.  This is Rose Garden.  The patten used a bit over half the skein, so I've been using the rest in pink themed Tricolour Dishcloths.  I don't have pictures of those, but I've finished two.

     In non-knitting news, we just got back from our min-vacation around July 4th.  On Tuesday July 3rd I was able to attend Sewing Circle.  Its held the first Tuesday of every month at my Mom's church.  I used to go as a kid and I have fond memories.  Both my grandmothers attend so I get to catch up a little bit too.  I like to tie quilts and my Mom is the quilt chairman so throughout the day I help her set up more quilts as we finish others.  I have some pictures:

We tied 8 quilts that day, which is about average.  I wont name names in the pictures (to protect the innocent) but pretty much each person is a close relative.  I was the one in purple.  Some of the women sew baby layettes, finish the tied quilts and sort through donated clothing, so not all of us tie.  I should have gotten better pictures of the back room...  Once finished these quilts and other items go to Mennonite Central Committee in PA, from there everything is shipped oversea to whichever county(ies) MCC is currently active in.  MCC responds to natural disasters all over the world, they supply quilts, fresh drinking water, school supplies, sewing kits, hygiene kits and they teach people skills so they will be self sufficient once MCC leaves.

     It was a nice mini-vacation.  Hubbs did some grilling and we spent three days in/by the pool.  I'll have more news soon.  I've just submitted my first Nerd Wars project of round two.  Happy Crafting!

As always liks to the patterns mentioned:
Lily Dishcloth
Out of the Frying Pan

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