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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Melted the Cube Again and Other News...

     I'm going to be difficult and start with other news.  I finished the mittens!!!!!!  Those poor cursed Baby Llama Hermione Mittens.  I should have informed you all sooner as I finished them back on June 1st but Nerd Wars had just started and I had other things on my mind.  I need to block them yet, once I figure out how to do that, and then get some better pictures.  Here is the photographic proof that they're done.
     The eyelet section just rolls under the stockinette on both sides.  They are quite cute once on, I just cant wear them and get a decent picture at the same time.  I'm just very happy that they're finished and nestled together in my "needs blocking" pile.  I still have nearly a whole skein of the Baby Llama left over to do something fun with too.

     So I've melted the cube again.  My last project was Giving Geeks.  Heres the outline of the challenge:  In many parts of the world, Father’s Day will be celebrated in June or was recently celebrated in May. It is in honor of fathers and all men everywhere that we are challenging you this month to do something to make a positive difference in the life of a man or group of men. We would like to encourage you to think about those men who could REALLY use some kindness. This includes, but is not limited to men in shelters, men dealing with a serious health problem, and men in nursing homes.
We will not accept donations to a friend or family member just because you wanted to make something for one of them. You can craft something for a male friend or family member or do something for one of them IF he is seriously in need of some love from you. We also will not accept a submission made for a male pet or a child.
Giving Geeks challenges are focused on the donation, whether it be an object you have made, your time, or monetary or other resources. Your submission must include proof of your donation (in some form -- examples of acceptable proof are included in Post 3).

My Submission Post
     I made 6 washcloths for Warmth for Warriors.  In the summer months this organization requests washcloths to be sent to our armed forces.  I sent a seventh one with this batch, another blue one, that I made a while ago.  I just sent out the package today before work.  This was quite gratifying and I hope the guys who get these enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.      I have reached the halfway point with my dissertation too.  On the 21st I finished my first sock.  I am quite excited.  Turning a heel is way cooler than I thought it would be.  It was tricky, in that, I had to just trust the pattern and do what it said.  I've invisioned in my mind how heels on socks work but I was totally wrong.  I dont have accessable pictures of the finished sock yet.  (I took cell phone pictures...)  I will need to get good pictures next round when we get points for our half way check-in.  Today is the last day of R1.  I'm looking forward to R2, I have a few things I really want to get done.  Currently I'm not knitting as I have a pinched nerve or something in my shoulder, I've actually missed work because of it.  I really hate to live on pain meds but thats what I've had to do all week.  On the upside our mini-vacation is next week, I just have to get through tomorrow.  The upside of not knitting is that I'm almost done with the book I've been reading for the last two years.  (It was the book I was reading when I took up knitting.  I just sort of stopped completly.)  Funny thing actually, it's "A Singular Destiny"  by Keith R A DeCandido and I found a Stargate reference in it.  Its a Star Trek book, I nearly peed myself in the dentists office laughing so hard.  Yes, I got funny looks.  Happy Crafting!

Rope Stitch Dishcloth
Tricolour Dishcloth
Hermione Mittens

The patterns mentioned for your knitting pleasure!

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